EnglishToHindis is a resource for English to Hindi translations, focusing on the word Rehabilitation Meaning in Hindi, a crucial term in the medical field and social justice context. The article explores its meaning, usage context, and provides examples to enhance understanding.

Rehabilitation Meaning in Hindi Rehabilitation – पुनर्वास Rehabilitation, or पुनर्वास in Hindi, is the process of helping an individual achieve optimal function, independence, and quality of life after illness, injury, or imprisonment, rather than reversing or undoing the damage caused.

Examples of Rehabilitation in Sentences English - After the accident, Rahul underwent a lengthy physical rehabilitation process to walk again. Hindi - दुर्घटना के बाद, राहुल ने फिर से चलने के लिए लंबी शारीरिक पुनर्वास प्रक्रिया से गुज़ारा।

Conclusion Rehabilitation, a term meaning hope, resilience, and the ability to rebuild, is crucial in various contexts like healthcare and social reintegration. Exploring its meaning in Hindi highlights the universal importance of aiding individuals in their journey towards recovery and independence.

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