Stretcher-ridden patients may be in high acuity and require treatment, monitoring, or immediate nursing during the entire transport process for a stable medical state. For that availability, a skilled medical team is required in the air ambulance and Angel Air Ambulance offers medical transportation via Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata with a highly professional medical staff capable of delivering the best service to the patients and guaranteeing the utmost safety from the start to end. We have a long-running history of delivering successful air medical transportation services that have made us a reliable evacuation provider.

Our service includes transporting patients from regional and rural regions for significant treatments to hospitals of metropolitan cities and for that; we utilize our intensive care equipped jets that are designed keeping in mind their urgent requirements. We at Air Ambulance Services in Kolkata also fly patients with acute medical conditions requiring surgery, transfer injured patients, and relocate critically ill individuals requiring immediate hospital admission for specialist care to avoid the occurrence of any discomfort to the patients.

Angel Air Ambulance Service in Patna Operates as a Flying Intensive Care Unit on Air

All our air ambulances at Angel Air Ambulance Service in Patna are pressurized and regularly transport multiple patients with maximum efficiency ensuring a journey filled with effectiveness and safety. We utilize charter aircraft carriers like B 200, C 90, Boeing, Falcon, Gulfstream, and others that provide the utmost comfort while relocating patients from one place to another. We are known for our 24/7 availability which makes it possible to hire our air evacuation service any time of the day or night.

We at Air Ambulance Services in Patna never refrain from supporting the needs of the patients and offer medical jets with top-of-the-line equipment and supplies. We present bedside-to-bedside transfer that maintains continuity of care and comfort all along the way providing the safest journey for the patients.

  • Highly compassionate crew to care for the patients
  • Sophisticated medical equipment available onboard
  • Time-bound relocation mission delivered.
  • Effective assistance delivered whenever needed
  • Access to a fleet of ICU jets
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