The ultimate classic guided tours in Israel, full coverage with multiple sites, religions, and unforgettable stories.

Sneak peek at the Promised Land, take a classic Israel tour around our amazing country, witness the Old City of Jerusalem, get infatuated by the night view at Tel Aviv skyscrapers, spend an adventurous trip with a private tour guide in Israel to the Judean Desert, swim in pure waters of Galilee.


The classic Israel tour path that I recommend as a tour guide in Israel can be varied and altered according to your touristic preferences and past travel experiences. We will visit only the places that you enjoy and build the whole 9-day schedule to meet your needs, each day packed with creating unique spiritual and material encounters.


Upon your safe and comfortable arrival at Tel Aviv’s biggest international airport –Ben Gurion I, will personally take you to a welcoming hotel in Jerusalem by a private car equipped with a large trunk.

A journey to Israel can take a while so I would advise you on the first day of arrival to relax in the hotel, try various dishes from the national cuisine so that you would get accustomed to ethnic food and get an overall idea about your local preferences. The air in Israel is high in humidity so the outsiders can be thrown back at first by the resident lifestyle of hiding in shade drinking cool Limonana surrounded by clouds of smoke.

Loosen up, and prepare for the adventurous sightseeing which I will take you to the next day on this amazing classic Israel tour. After all, you came here to enjoy a vacation and leave the organization and logistics to your tour guide in Israel.


The second day of your classic Israel tour will begin with our meeting in the hotel lobby where we will discuss your travel plans and I will take you to the Old City – a place where for centuries three major world religions – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity coexisted jointly. The occult buildings that are important for believers around the world standing wall to wall, witness people of various backgrounds sharing the same quivering fascination of touching to ancient history.

This day I will take you on our first private guided tour in Israel to the Western Wall also called the Kotel, the Temple of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Dome of the Rock

The second private guided tour day is dedicated to introducing you to the religious background of the city so that further it would be easier for you to understand the changes in Israeli history that I will show you vividly the places that we will visit in the next few days.

One of which is the limestone Western Wall that is now the small part of before great the Second Temple destroyed by Romans in 1st century AD. You saw it on travel brochures and heard about it from people who already visited Israel, so I will tell you its unknown history gathered from the locals.

The next stop is the Temple of the Holy Sepulchre – a church in the Christian district of the Old City that represents sacred beliefs to Christians the same way as the Western Wall represents it’s for Jews.

After lunch, we will head on this amazing classic Israel tour to the Muslim district to see the rock with Prophet Muhammad's footsteps on it placed in the Mosque of the Dome of the rock one of the most photographed locations in the world. I am your private tour guide in Israel and I will entertain you with real stories and legends about its gold-plated dome. I will take you around the mosque and during non-Muslim-visiting hours we will go to the Temple Mount courtyard to take a closer look inside.

You will finish this amazing touring day in Israel with me taking you through Mount Zion and the streets that preserved the Roman Imperial presence in Jerusalem from 66 to 125 CE. You could practically feel Herod’s presence.


Among many sites in Jerusalem, we can’t ignore the bright lights of Jerusalem skyscrapers that you see from your hotel. So I invite you to take a break from ancient history and visit hip and contemporary places in New City.

Yad Vashem is a monumental representation of the pain of struggle that Jews faced during the Holocaust. It is also a great example of contemporary architecture and the modern art scene among Israeli artists. I will take you around the whole remembrance center where I will tell you about art installations and objects created to monumentalize Jewish history.

The Mahane Yehuda market

Later we will take a rest in one of many vibrant Middle Eastern cafes filled with archaic spices and aromas. I will take you on the delicious tour around Mahane Yehuda Market also known as “the Shuk” where you will taste the fusion of contemporary Jewish cuisine and traditional street food, together we will explore the flea market and I will keep you safe from many boring touristic traps that visitors fall into.

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem

Let me take you to one of the biggest museums in the World and the most famous museum in Israel – the Israel Museum. as a private tour guide in Israel with a license I'm authorized to give you a private tour filled with interesting details about its establishment in the mid 20th century and the museum collection of art that is eclectic and multicultural as Jerusalem itself. The museum consists of many buildings, a park and the home of the Dead Sea scrolls, and the model of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

there are always interesting temporary exhibitions to visit besides discovering a rich collection of archeology and art.


On the fourth day, this classic Israel tour will take us to the east-south, allow me to take you outside town. To the UNESCO World Heritage historical site which is the ruins of Masada fortress. We already walked through the streets of the old city in Jerusalem and saw the Roman influence during wars between Judaism and Christianity. Now you will witness the destructible wrath of the Roman Empire at the ruins of the once-great fortress.

I am your private tour guide in Israel and I will tell you about the conspiracies and political battles that were happening in the senate along with the bravery of Jewish minorities that were resisting the new rules. Together we will undergo the hot climate and later move to the real-life oasis in the middle of the Judean Desert.

Ein Gedi National Park is the oasis for the whole of Israel, nowhere like this, nature itself decided to add a splash of tropic greenery. From the comfort of a private car, just when you’re about to get tired from all the sand and various shades of gold, suddenly a vivid tropical mirage with waterfalls and exotic plants, It’s the Ein Gedi National Park opens before your eyes, a once place to settle travelers, with its unique flora and fauna, now this developed area becoming a luxurious touristic spot.

After chilling in the shades of the Park and taking pictures with bright-colored beautifully singing birds among unusual flowers, we will move closer to the shore – the famous Dead Sea which is the salt lake. For thousands of years, people from around the Mediterranean were coming to this place seeking a resort. There you will check for yourself all the myths that surround this place, and witness the miracles of local cosmetic procedures that Roman kings themselves were using thousands of years ago.

On the morning of this day, I will remind you about the necessities you should take with yourself to be comfortable, like flip-flops for example since the beach is a mix of sand, clay, and rocks. And don’t take your best clothes on the trips outside the city, the weather in Israel is hot, even with sandstorms, therefore all that sand and salt will ruin your clothes and shoes, but the long-lasting health benefits that you will gain after this trip surely will cover memories about the heatwave.



For this day on our classic Israel tour I prepared a special treat, in a lifetime experience, visiting a kibbutz!, and to visit the Zippori region – the most beautiful of them all, once proclaimed “A Mona Lisa of Galilee” it’s a true jewel in a crown of lavish nature of Northern Israel.

A village as beautiful as its surroundings, full of mosaic and growing plants making you lose track between the open space buildings, ancient ruins, and the landscape that rules this territory. It’s a place without walls, where nature coexists with industrialization. Since the beginning of times, it was a flourishing place where cultures met and lived in harmony, that’s why walking on the tiny marble paths I will tell you about the Hellenistic, Roman, Islamic, Arab, Ottoman, and Byzantine influence on this region and the local culture.

Together we will visit ruins of various fortresses and other buildings that carry a cultural significance all in one place; it’s like the biggest historical turning points were gathered in one small region.

After roaming in Zippori I'm your private tour guide in Israel and I will introduce you to a lifestyle of a very unusual Jewish community, people of which now cherished as an intangible cultural heritage among Israelis. Their unique perspectives at political establishments and religious beliefs multiplied by various influences from countries that surrounded Israel throughout history are what made their movement so important in modern history.

The evening will be spent on a private guided tour around the Sea of Galilee – a birthplace for all Israeli cultural minorities, political campaigns, and religious movements. I always notice that Israel is a relatively new county that went through multiple changes and is located in insufficient habitat – it is exactly in places like the Sea of Galilee, Judean Desert, Dead Sea, and on the riverbank of Jordan where every cultural and political event takes its roots from. Such a splash of color among the rocks and sand is what making people that live in these territories so passionate, that will surely explain to you the full experience of Israel.

I will take you to various places around the country, not just one major touristic spot. A place like this is where the real historical gems are, I will tell you about a region where Jesus Christ had lived and preached and we will go to the main sights such: as the mount where Jesus proclaimed his Sermon on the Mount; one of the oldest churches ever built around the place where Apostle Peter had lived, a place of worship that important for both Christians and Jews; also you will see “The Jesus Boat” one of many artifacts that gathered in kibbutz museum surrounded by myths and legends. A 2000 years old item that supposedly was in possession by Jesus Christ or his followers. This day will be filled with mysteries of ancient times that we will discover together.


Today I will meet you as usual at the hotel lobby and we will take a trip to the Golan Heights where Mount Hermon is located. There you could swim at the source of the Banias River and visit the remains of the city that once was built to worship the Greek god of wilderness and nature – Pan, and only 70 years since the city was abandoned, nowadays archeologists researching shrines in the cave near the Banias Spring. Overall this city was under the influence of Romans, changed later to the rules of Arab dynasties of the Caliphate, 1099 Crusaders brought union to that time independent cities later changed by Muslims again and then in the 19th century French-occupied this region. Its colorful history created many legends that will be interesting for people of different religions.

For lunch, I will take you on our classic Israel tour to different authentic restaurants of your choice all of which represent local cuisine made from organic products.

Later we will visit the local vineyard with a private tour guide in Israel and have a wine tasting, you will witness the process of wine production that hasn’t changed since ancient times.

And have dinner with the local Druze community – a unique Arab speaking ethnoreligious group that centuries ago segregated from other Muslims and now represent a particular locality with its own beliefs and lifestyle which you can experience yourself.

Discovering The Beauty Of Golan Heights In An Off-road Tour

Take a trip in a comfortable SUV further discovering kibbutz life, on a previous day I told you about the history of this community, now it’s time to see how they survive and preserve their traditions with invasions from the modern world. We will also visit the demilitarized zone between Israel and Syria and I will guide you through complicated political relationships that these States have with each other, including the famous battles over the years.


As usual, we will meet at your hotel early in the morning and start our private guided tour in Israel by going in the opposite direction from previous journey days. This time we will visit the West and North coast of Israel, two beautiful cities both of which have huge historical value.

Akko is a town in which geopolitical saturation places it as one of the biggest trading roads since the Middle Bronze Age. We will roam around the city, feel its exotic spirit, visit street markets where you will taste fresh fruits from around the world, and learn about this city's contemporary political importance. I will take you to the old temple which now transformed into a peacebuilding institution where Jews and Muslims working together to prevent future conflicts based on the seeds of hatred planted in the past.

I will adjust the private guided tour in Israel to your wishes and we could visit Mosques and Libraries that were built under Syrian reigning since the 14th century or even go back further in time, visit museums with exhibits that go back to the Bronze age and Temples built by Crusaders in the 11th century.

Haifa-the the capital of the north will amaze you thanks to the beautiful Bahai Gardens and the golden temple of Bab.

Caesarea is a city named after the ancient ruined port city build in 25 BCE Caesarea Maritima. Now it’s erected from the sands of the past in the form of a new port. It’s another place with combined history, where tourists can see the changes of times from Roman dominion on this classic Israel tour, I will take you to the sites where Gladiators fought, to the Byzantine and Christian periods, we will visit the gathering place where all the major prosecutions were conducted, it is in this same city but at different centuries Apostle, Paul and Tiberius Caesar went for trials.


Starting our day by arriving at a glass metropolis in the middle of a desert which is Tel Aviv – a city with its character not like the others. At first glance it can be seen as cold and unwelcome, constantly getting berried in the sun, but I know how every time it resurrects back. Let me take you as your private tour guide in Israel to the streets of authentic Tel Aviv where locals will warmly embrace you and show you its quirkiness. From parties at the green rooftops to small local restaurants with homemade food to the fusion between contemporary art galleries and masterclasses in traditional handcrafting.

This is the place to tell you about the history of modern Tel Aviv, we will go to Rothschild Boulevard and visit Independence Hall where the present-time Israel political scene was born.

Then we will move on our classic Israel tour to the old city of Jaffa – one of the ports of Tel Aviv, it's best to be seen at the sunset while eating fresh dishes cooked in front of you. It carries major importance for Christians with many biblical places to visit, the city also has Roman and Napoleonic influence.


I sincerely hope that this last day in Israel on our classic Israel tour will bring you as much joy as all the days before. I leave this day for you to decide how to spend it and escort you to any place you want as my goodbye gift.

In case of any issues arising with your departure schedule and hotel check out I will be there for you to help. We will say our goodbyes at the airport where I will stay by your side until your plane will safely take off.

My priority through this voyage was to make you gather new experience and knowledge, hopefully, as your private tour guide in Israel, I succeeded in that.


I crafted an amazing Israel classic tour for my guests and family Israel, you are not just a client for me but a whole world, my mission is to give you the ultimate experience by showing you the most unique sites together with the classic sites, as a Israel classic tour I was taught to be an ambassador of Israel that's why you will receive my full attention and a huge amount of knowledge to present you my magical country at its best.

I invite you to join me on this thrilling and unforgettable trip to one of the most amazing countries in the world!

see you soon!

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