Direct Games is a popular on the internet store based in the Philippines that provides a variety of electronic items, consisting of games, software program, and also other digital keys. In the recent past, the online shop has actually gained enormous appeal for supplying budget friendly and also genuine secrets to prominent software application like Microsoft Workplace, Windows, as well as others. The firm's credibility has actually been built on its arrangement of authentic software application at economical costs.

Windows 11 Activation Secret Cost

Microsoft recently revealed the launch of Windows 11, an updated variation of the preferred Windows 10 operating system. Windows 11 features new features like a refreshed design, enhanced efficiency, and new productivity devices. While it's cost-free to update to Windows 11 for eligible users, those that want to perform a fresh installment or upgrade on non-eligible devices must buy a Windows 11 activation secret.

The rate of the official windows 11 key activation key is probably high for informal computer users. The cost of the Windows 11 House version is $139.99, while the Windows 11 Pro version is $199.99. This rate can be rather high, particularly for people who do not use their computer systems for industrial objectives.

Windows 11 and Windows 12 Key Accessibility

Access to the Windows 11 activation trick is an issue for many computer system customers who are on a budget. Direct Games has actually made it their mission to make genuine software and electronic secrets a lot more available to the masses. The firm comprehends that not everyone can pay for to pay the high costs of the official Windows activation trick, and also they wish to assist by offering budget friendly choices.

Direct Gamings has actually just recently begun offering Windows 12 key to their customers, which is essentially an extra inexpensive alternative to the main Windows 11 activation key. Windows 12 is basically a personalized version of Windows 11, which supplies individuals with the very same features and capabilities as the official version however at a lower cost factor.

Benefits of Utilizing Official Windows Activation Secret

There are numerous benefits to making use of an official Windows activation secret, one of which is that it ensures that the software application is real as well as not fake. Real software program features regular updates and also protection spots, which makes certain that the individual's computer system is shielded against possible security risks. On top of that, using an authentic Windows activation trick additionally makes certain that the user is entitled to Microsoft support services, which can be invaluable in situation of any kind of technological problems.

Direct Gamings' Offerings

Straight Gamings is a reliable and reliable source for digital keys for preferred software application like Microsoft Workplace, Windows, and also others. The business offers economical options to the official activation keys for Windows 11, including Windows 12 key. Their digital keys are authentic, which means that customers can take pleasure in all the advantages of using main software application without having to pay the high prices.

Straight Gamings also gives exceptional customer support to its consumers, with a receptive as well as knowledgeable support team that can help with any concerns or concerns that clients may have. The firm's web site is simple to navigate, as well as the buying process is straightforward, making it simple for customers to obtain the software tricks they require rapidly and also efficiently.


Straight Gamings is a dependable and affordable source for Windows 11 and Windows 12 keys, along with other electronic tricks for preferred software application. By providing inexpensive choices to the official activation tricks, Direct Games is making genuine software program a lot more obtainable to the masses. Their commitment to offering top quality software program and superb client service makes them a trustworthy source for any individual searching for digital secrets for their software application.

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