Hi all

I currently have a portfolio with info about me, a few things I have built, my skills and then ways to contact me.

Wondering if it’s worth setting up a dedicated site? My portfolio is under my name which is pretty uncommon so I can’t really seo it.

I have an empty ICDSoft server kicking around, and a name I can buy off Namecheap. Also seems like a fun project for the summer, and I’ll be able to advertise what I offer to clients and get more seo hits.

Is it worth it? Pretty tight on money, so that’s why I’m asking, but I’m at the stage where I’m getting a decent amount of traction.

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Celly Swehykol 8 months ago

If you decide to create your own project, then first you need to determine what solution it is aimed at, its scope, how the business process is now arranged and what the project should become. You can find the answer to all your questions on the site https://light-it.net/blog/business-analyst-in-software-development-role-and-responsibilities/ as all decisions and changes to build the project require management. To build a general vision of the project, you need to conduct business analytics, this stage is very important in information technology, because it provides a connection between information technologies and determines their impact on the business goals of the company.