When selecting a content management system (CMS), many people look forward to using either WordPress or Drupal. Why? Because they are the largest providers of top-notch content management systems on the planet. They both also have their strengths and weaknesses benefitting businesses accordingly. Selecting the right content management system (CMS) for the business is about realizing the vision, winning the heart of the end-user and setting themselves apart from the competition. Drupal and WordPress happen are the most widely used CMS platforms with ton loads of customizable features. Drupal does require more technical experience and expertise than WordPress and the costs of these two differ widely as well. Let us now have a look at the pros and cons of each.

WordPress WordPress is the fastest growing CMSs in the world and powers around one third of the global internet for a good reason (including 14.7% of the top 100 websites). As determined by a top-notch SEO services firm from Ottawa, it comes with thousands of customizing features & plugins helping businesses grow their websites. Though it does power a large part of the internet, no business should be worried about how they look. They can customize their own website easily thanks to the platform’s built-in tools that are easy to use.

Its pros The following are some key benefits of WordPress User friendly. Making mobile-friendly and responsive websites is easy using it. Creating and hosting blogs, vlogs, portfolios, podcasts, social networking groups and e-commerce stores is easy. It has a wide array of open source themes.

Its cons The following are the cons of WordPress Determining the overall cost of the website can be quite hard. It constantly needs updates.

Drupal Drupal has its far share of devoted users. At no cost can it be compared to WordPress in terms of market share. It currently hosts 2.3% of all websites including high profile clients and renowned institutions (The Economist Magazine for once). Businesses can use Drupal to host and develop all sorts of content, like blogs, videos, social groups and online polls how to make money online.

Its benefits It is easy to migrate to another CMS through Drupal. It is easy to determine the cost of developing a website on Drupal. It has almost endless features for customization. It helps keep the website secure. Setting individual user permissions is easy.

Its cons Website developer needed who is well versed and experience in Drupal. It is resource-intensive. How can business select the correct CMS? The following tips are helpful for businesses in selecting the correct CMS:

Evaluating the marketing team Businesses need to consider the resources they need and what their team can put in. When the team lacks the technical experience needed then WordPress is a wise choice. Its also good for those who

wish to keep everything in their grip. Drupal takes some time and loads of technical expertise to start up. Once it is online it does not require much time for maintenance. Comparatively, a WordPress site gets up online in no time but needs careful monitoring and maintenance as soon as new plugins and updates become available.

Calculating the website’s budget Cost is a major factor when choosing between any CMS. Both have no charges but can cost considerably when customizing any of both. A customized WordPress website costs between $1000 and $100000. Whereas, Drupal costs less from one month to the other but then again, the Developer’s need is costly.

Top Priority is user experience Both Drupal and WordPress come in with numerous customization features. Selecting a CMS and its themes & plugins boils down to one point: making user experience of the end-user top-notch. Businesses should think about how they need to make the website look, how it should benefit the user in many ways and how much they can invest in it.

Testing before launching it Like most major business decisions, it would be best to test the CMS platform to see how it is and whether it is suitable or not.

Continued technical support Problems can occur at any time. It would be best to keep support teams at hand in order to fix them.

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