How To Connect To Mcdonald's free WiFi Sign In Page?

Follow these simple steps to quickly sign in to McDonald's Internet/WiFi:

  1. If you are within range of McDonald's free WiFi, use your device to search for available WiFi networks.
  2. Now you must locate McDonald's free WiFi, select the network, and click the "Connect" button.
  3. Now, open any internet browser and type in any web address to be redirected to the WiFi login page.
  4. To access McDonald's Free WiFi, click the "Get Connected" button and accept the terms.
  5. After you accept the terms and conditions, WiFi will be connected to your device, and you will be able to access free high-speed internet.

Where Can I Find McDonald's WiFi?

You can easily locate McDonald's free WiFi access near you by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit McDonald's Restaurant Locator and enter the name of your city or click the "Locate Me" button, which will locate your current location and give you lots a list of all McDonald's Restaurants nearby.
  2. Now, look for a location that offers free WiFi as part of its services.
  3. That McDonald's location has a free hotspot in which you can use McDonald's WiFi to access free high-speed internet.
  4. This McDonald's Restaurant Locator also shows you the hours of operation. So, before you go, always check the McDonald's Operating Hours near you.
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