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Medical discomforts heave to sight for testing our preparedness in dealing with the distressing situation. The promptly the ailing individual reaches a healthcare facility the easier it will become for the treatment to commence. The air evacuation service rendered by Air and Train Ambulance in Vellore plays a pivotal role in shifting patients to the spot of nursing without much procrastination or wasting any moment in dilemma. The adept medical facilities delivered throughout the voyage helps in keeping the patient appeased during the hour of the journey.

The fleet of aircraft ferrying for Air and Train Ambulance in Vellore is designed to meet the urgent evacuation requirements of the patients. Our medically equipped flights operate to haul patients to the nursing institution with less complication and a hassle-free experience. The basic and advanced healthcare facilities rendered during the journey provide optimal gliding results for the patients the efficient bed-to-bed transfer facilities just add more to our services. The compact channel of amenities delivered on board helps patients feel at ease until the process of wayfaring concludes at a virtuous note.


No Task Too Hard for Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance in Visakhapatnam


The crew employed at Air and Train Ambulance in Visakhapatnam comprises certified remedial staff experts in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support facilities. Our clique is trained to handle any unevenness occurring onboard without any notice. The medical crew comprises doctors, nurses, and paramedics and the aviation crew includes seasoned pilots and cabin crew adept in delivering glib conveyance. We are apt in performing emergency as well as non-emergency haulages including pediatric and geriatric patient transfers.

Apart from this, the dexterous crew at Air and Train Ambulance in Visakhapatnam arranges ground transportation to and from the sending and receiving facilities. We verify with the family of the patients about all aspects of the transport and take care of every minute detail about the commutation process.

Following are some of the benefits levied by us:-


  • Instant response to emergency
  • Taking care of the requirements of the patients
  • Arranging for ground ambulances for pick up and drop
  • A compact remedial clique for taking care of the patients
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