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Healthcare services rendered during the process of evacuation help in shifting patients with all the necessary medications and in the best medical condition. The standard medical aviation staff of Charter Air Ambulance in Bangalore is a combination of critical care nurses, registered paramedics, and respiratory therapists to ease the journey of the patients. This combination gives a versatile, intensive care capability to meet the requirements of chronically ill or marred patients.

Depending upon the medical condition of the patient, the medical team is compiled including doctors, paramedics, neonatal staff, and psychiatric nurses. Based on the underlying medical condition of the patient, we assign the right team to manage the repatriation process. The air medical crew employed under 24/7 Air Ambulance Service in Bangalore has extensive skills and training with years of experience in their respective field and have specialized training in air medical transport, and they operate adhering the air medical protocols and procedures.

Panchmukhi Air Ambulance Service in Chennai is the Right Option in Medical Emergency

Air ambulance transport operational under Top-Notch Air Ambulance Service in Chennai takes any patient from anywhere to everywhere making them accessible to advanced healthcare facilities. We provide a cost-effective solution to all the medical aviation needs of the patients. The requirements emerging onboard are met accurately by the medical case managers employed to craft the best-suited medical evacuation mission for the patients. The bed-to-bed transfer facilities help in shifting patients without any risk levied to the health of the patient.

While air ambulance is considered to be the most costly long distance medical transport alternative, we at Air Ambulance in Chennai offer the most sophisticated budgeted medical aviation service, with full ICU capabilities, doctors, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, neonatal specialists, and critical care paramedics available to cater the requirements of the patients on board. We obtain the medical report for the patient prior to the initiation of the transport and based on the needs.

Following are some of the significant features of Air Ambulance Service in Bangalore & Chennai:-

  • Sufficient supervision onboard
  • Medically outfitted air ambulances
  • Non-risky haulages
  • Undisrupted environment onboard
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