The type of long-distance medical transport a patient requires depends on the underlying medical condition and the type best suiting the choice of receiving or discharging facility. When most of us struggle with health issues the instant need for an apt haulage service gets elevated. The ambulance jets operational under Emergency Air Ambulance Services in Kolkata travel faster and safer than the commercial airlines, and the cabin crew ensures to maintain the cabin pressure as required by the patient.

The medically outfitted planes ferrying for our brand are scheduled to pick up the patient much sooner and get them shifted to their choice of healthcare center in no time. If the patient requires immediate and quite urgent care at a higher altitude, our dedicated medical crew renders detailed supervision turning to be most likely your best decision taken. We at Advanced Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata are able to provide unsurpassed aero-medical flights to and from the medical institution without any blackout moments.

Panchmukhi Air Ambulance Service in Guwahati- Dedicated to Delivering Unsurpassed Medical Evacuation

With speed, flexibility, and intensive care capability, the Reliable Air Ambulance Service in Guwahati provides a stress-free and prompt method of transferring patients over long distances. We employ distinct types of aircraft to ensure the right type of medical aviation plane for the ones associated with us. All the ambulance aircraft provide advanced medical equipment, medicines, and medical staff to provide a stabilized journey to the patients. Our aircraft ferry for longer, faster, and with medically apt accessories.

The Charter Air Ambulance Services in Guwahati provides efficient air transfer with all the necessary medicaments installed in the flight to render advanced life support facilities and intensive care amenities onboard. Our air ambulances are designed to land at smaller airports to curb the difficulties related to departure and arrival. Serving patients with efficacy and standing by for their advocacy helps in providing stress-free haulage to the ones associated with us. Listed below are some of the perks of opting for our services:-

  • Emergency and non-emergency services
  • Aircraft with GPS installed inside
  • Advanced healthcare facilities
  • Latest technology medical instruments
  • Cost-effective commutation
  • Transparency in booking prices
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