When choosing an air ambulance service for a patient it is important to consider the level of care and experience of the medical team accompanying inside the aircraft carrier, as well as the equipment and amenities offered all along the journey. Operating with top-notch facilities and world-class services Sky Air Ambulance that offers Air Ambulance Service in Patna never fails to be of greatest help for the patients and ensures the journey concludes without hampering their medical state.

We have experienced medical staff inside our air ambulances that are equipped with basic and advanced life support equipment and deliver safety-compliant journeys from start to finish. We make sure if a person needs vital assistance, our aero-medically certified team can deliver the same throughout the journey and doesn’t let patients feel any complications at any point of the process. We have mastery in offering Air Ambulance from Patna.


Get State of the Art Air Ambulances at Sky Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata


Our time-bound medical transfer at Sky Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata has been considered to be of the greatest essence for the patients as it can allow the journey to be on time and make sure patients reach the opted destination without any hassle caused on the way. We are skilled at organizing domestic, international, emergency, non-emergency, pediatric, geriatric, neonatal, obstetric, and intensive care transfer that ensures high-grade care from beginning to end of the process.

Our risk-free medical transportation at Air Ambulance in Kolkata has always offered the greatest effect as it helps reach the opted medical centre without causing delay on the way. We have a clear track record of being a trouble-free and safe medical transportation provider that has always come forth for the betterment of the people and never lets them have any complications at the time of transportation.

  • A renowned air evacuation company
  • Delivering services in the best interest of the callers
  • High-risk patients are handled effectively
  • Managing the entire repatriation mission with perfection
  • Offering endless care and quality services
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