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The Sonalika DI 35 Sikander is a 39 HP tractor that offers exceptional value for its price. Packed with amazing features, this tractor is a top choice for farmers in need of a reliable and efficient machine. With a price range of Rs 5.85 - Rs. 6.25 Lakh*, it is considered one of the most economically well-priced tractors on the market. The Sonalika 35 Sikander is designed to excel in the category of less than 40 horsepower tractors. It belongs to the highly regarded Sikander series, known for its powerful performance and durability. This tractor comes equipped with a water-based cooling system, ensuring effective cooling and preventing overheating. It also boasts a wide wheelbase of 1970 MM and a lifting capacity of up to 1800 KG, enabling it to handle heavy loads with ease. One of the standout features of the Sonalika DI 35 Sikander is its affordable price. This tractor is priced in a way that makes it accessible to farmers from all walks of life.

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