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Southwest Airlines is known for its low fares and friendly service, but navigating their baggage policy can feel like a maze. Fear not, fellow travelers! This guide will equip you with the essentials:


1. One free carry-on bag: This must fit in the overhead bin (22' x 14' x 9').
2. One free personal item: Think purse, briefcase, or small backpack (18' x 14' x 8').
3. No size or weight restrictions on carry-ons: But be prepared for gate agents to enforce size limits if bins become full.

Checked Baggage:

1. No free checked bags: Southwest charges for checked bags, starting at $30 per bag each way.
2. First two checked bags are $30 each: Additional bags are $50 each.
3. Baggage fees are waived for Southwest Rapid Rewards A-List and Companion Pass holders.


1. Pack light: Maximize your free carry-on allowance and avoid baggage fees.
2. Weigh your bags: Ensure they don't exceed the 50-pound weight limit.
3. Check-in online: This allows you to pay for checked bags in advance and potentially avoid longer lines at the airport.

Remember: Southwest airlines baggage policy can change, so always check the latest information on their website before your trip. With a little planning, you can breeze through baggage claim and enjoy your Southwest flight!

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