One of the big problems in renting storage rooms is disorganization and when you need to look for something, everything is chaos. In today's blog we will give you 7 tips to have a well-ordered storage room. Let us begin!

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7 tips for organizing a storage room

Storage room rental: organization and cleaning

First of all, start by doing a good cleaning at home, this will help you a lot in making a selection. While you are cleaning and tidying, make three piles on the floor or in some corner of the house:

  • To the storage room: Evaluate well the things you want to take to the storage room, it is not about storing everything there, but about storing the things that you give occasional use and interfere at home.
  • I don't want it: It is important to get rid of the things that we no longer use, many times we tend to take extra things to the storage room when we are not going to use them. If you can not give any more use you can throw them away but if they simply do not work for you anymore, choose to donate or sell second hand.
  • At home: The objects that you use regularly or regularly are best kept at home and find a place where they will not disturb you. The idea of ​​the storage room is to go for something on time, not every week.

Organize your articles

Now that you have your pile with the things you want to take to the storage room, it's time to organize them. Separate the articles by themes or use that you give them, an example could be:

  • Sports clothing and equipment. You can even separate it by different sports.
  • Winter / summer clothing.
  • Books.
  • DIY tools and utensils.
  • Memories.
  • Suitcases and toiletry bags.

This is a simple example to separate the articles, but you can manage it as it works best for you. The objective is that you organize everything as comfortable as it is for you and then find it more easily.

Storage and storage room rental

The best thing is that when storing things you use transparent plastic containers , this way you can quickly see what is in the box. In addition, they tend to be stackable so it will make it easier for you to store things and save space.

Use boxes that are resistant to moisture and dust so that everything you store is well protected. Although you can see what is inside, it is always better to label the boxes, this way you will save much more time looking for things, especially if the boxes are stacked one on top of the other.

Use space well

Make good use of the space in your rental storage room, do not use only boxes, remember that you can use the walls or even install a closet or trunk to keep things better stored.

It is important that you optimize the space as much as you can and that you continue to have space to enter and be able to move without problem to look for things.

Distribute the weights

When you start putting things away, distribute the weights well. Don't put the heaviest boxes on top and don't overdo it when loading the boxes.

Rent storage rooms and textiles

To store textiles, it is best to use moth-proof bags. One of the problems is that when stored for so long clothes can be damaged, especially with dust and humidity. So these types of bags are a good option.

On the other hand, there are also clothing closets designed to store clothes in these types of spaces, so if you have space in the storage room it may be the best option.

Take inventory

Once you have everything stored in boxes and you are clear where everything is, take an inventory . This system will be very practical when you have to look for things in the storage room.

Make a list of all the boxes listed and write down everything that each one contains. For an extra organization you can add a label with the number of the box and it will be more effective.

A great alternative: renting virtual storage rooms

An alternative for the order in your storage room is to opt for the rental of virtual storage rooms. This type of storage rooms take care of themselves both professionally storing all your objects and taking them to the storage room and organizing it correctly.

In addition, you will have an inventory of everything you have in the storage room and you will only have to select what you need and your availability and the company will take care of bringing it to your home at no cost.


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