Tuskr App 3 months ago

Tuskr is a modern cloud-based test management software offering a range of features to enhance your testing processes. Write expressive test cases with rich text, tables, and screenshots. Conduct flexible test runs using all or a subset of your test cases. Seamlessly integrate with your chat and issue tracking systems. Enjoy enterprise-grade features such as recycle bin, audit trail, two-factor authentication, and single sign-on for enhanced security. Tuskr generates detailed test reports and insightful metrics, providing better visibility and enabling data-driven decisions. We offer a generous free plan and flexible pricing options suitable for small teams to large enterprises. Start with our free 30-day trial, including sample data, for a quick and easy evaluation. Our dedicated customer support team ensures a refreshing customer experience, committed to solving your problems. Experience the efficiency and convenience of Tuskr for streamlined test management. Sign up for your free trial today and revolutionize your testing processes.

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