The Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis Growing cannabis on your own can be a truly fulfilling experience, providing invaluable lessons on plant physiology, taxonomy and environmental controls.

By growing your own, you get to close the circle by turning your harvest into tasty edibles or tinctures - not to mention saving money!

  1. It’s Cheaper If you regularly consume cannabis, growing it yourself could save significant costs over time. But the upfront expenses associated with equipment can seem prohibitive at first.

On average, one ounce of cannabis typically costs $200 in dispensaries across Canada or approximately $6-$7 a gram. You can substantially cut costs by investing in a quality grow room/tent and opting for organic pesticide solutions.

Attract high-quality soil to your garden plot by purchasing used or adding organic matter like blood meal or worm castings (this will save money and time!). Soil is one of the greatest expenses, so try buying used instead and mixing in an affordable source like compost.

Be sure to use energy-efficient lighting and fans in your grow room/tent for maximum heat reduction, and consider companion planting as a natural way of repelling pests! By pairing flowers and fruiting plants together in an ecosystem-style arrangement that naturally deters them.

  1. It’s Healthier Growing cannabis on your own can be more sustainable and healthier, since you won't be using dangerous chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides to boost its growth. Commercial growers often employ these harmful products in the production process which isn't good for either the environment nor you!

Organic growing can eliminate chemical use by making use of compost made from woody plant trimmings, coffee grounds and animal manure - this provides nutrients while simultaneously reducing soil erosion. Companion plants can also help deter pests while increasing terpene levels - basil is particularly good at repelling aphids, asparagus beetles, mosquitoes and tomato hornworms, while dill discourages spider mites.

Homegrown marijuana offers one of the greatest advantages over dispensaries when it comes to cultivating its diversity. Instead of being limited by what a single dispensary offers, you can cultivate multiple strains with unique effects, aromas, and flavours - as most home growers cultivate multiple plants for experimentation purposes.

  1. It’s a Hobby Growing cannabis can be a rewarding and enjoyable hobby. Each time you grow, the more experience and knowledge you gain. Plus, you may even pick up skills in horticulture or another trade!

From seed to sale, you have complete control of every step in the process - including where and how your plants were grown; what soil, fertilizers and treatments were utilized; pest and disease treatments administered; quality standards set that many dispensaries can't meet or simply don't care about.

One cannabis plant can yield an abundance of bud if you employ the appropriate techniques to increase flowering and promote trichome formation, leading to hash, oils, tinctures and more. These products can then be used in various ways from adding it to baked goods (try Space Cake!) to discreet dosage on-the-go.

  1. It’s a Pleasure Taken cultivation into your own hands gives you complete control and knowledge of the process, providing an enjoyable and fulfilling experience as your plants blossom into bloom. Growers often become increasingly fascinated with gardening, growing other crops, horticulture and more generally developing skills applicable to other fields like design, carpentry, electrical work and plumbing that they then apply elsewhere in life.

Growing marijuana also means having enough bud to share with friends, helping to foster community building while keeping everyone from becoming bored with repeating strains over and over.

Reaping the rewards of lovingly grown cannabis is always rewarding and can open up new horizons for edibles or tincture creation. As you gain more experience growing cannabis strains, the more insight into their effects you gain.

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