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Jah Halib almost 2 years ago

As the happiness from his successful re-appointment disappears, French President Emmanuel Macron is grappling with the huge difficulties he faces at home as well as abroad.

The European Union is amidst an international showdown with Russia over Ukraine, a contention that is viewed as an existential danger to liberal majority rule government and the European qualities.

Other than managing a conflict nearby, the EU is engaging a progression of squeezing difficulties with no simple responses: a post-pandemic recuperation, an exorbitant energy change, a journey for advanced significance and an incipient safeguard association are among the first concerns for the 27 part states.

With Angela Merkel good and gone, Macron is expected to partake in a considerably more unmistakable and powerful voice around the EU table.

So the thing is Brussels anticipating from the French chief?

In association with Debating Europe, Euronews assembled five Members of the European Parliament to talk about what the president's subsequent term could mean for the EU's short term.

Directed by Stefan Grobe, the discussion included MEPs Véronique Trillet-Lenoir (Renew Europe, France), Petros Kokkalis (The Left, Greece), Delara Burkhardt (S&D, Germany), Witold Waszczykowski (ECR, Poland) and Marco Campomenosi (ID, Italy).