Choosing a Photo booth rental Houston service really depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for, as well as the quality of photos you’re wanting. If you’re looking for a fun and interactive experience for you and your guests, you will want to hire a photo booth company that comes with an attendant/operator. Photo booth operators are highly trained individuals who create a fun and engaging atmosphere.

This brings me to my next criteria in choosing a photo booth rental service. Do you want an enclosed photo booth experience or more of an open air photo booth? The enclosed booth allows for 2–3 guests to enjoy a photo booth session at a time. They allow for more privacy, and don’t need an attendant on hand. Usually guests touch a screen and pose for pictures, the prints pop out and guests can grab their photo strips and leave. With an open air photo booth, you can have many more guests in your photos at one time.

Look at the flexibility on prints. Some companies offer plain white normal photo strips, and others can offer strips, 4×6 prints, and up to 5×7 prints as well. Can you add your logo for an extra advertising benefit? Or if you’re looking for a wedding keepsake, ask if your photo booth company can add a special overlay onto your print with your bride and groom’s name, date, so that your guests have a special keepsake for years to come.

Check out the quality of equipment offered, as well as look at the photos from previous events. What kind of extras does the company offer, ie; video booth capability, green screen, live posting to social media accounts in realtime, and scrapbooking packages. Check out backdrops, and see if the company can meet your overall needs. Then, and only then, would I look at pricing as a factor. You WILL sacrifice quality for lower pricing.

Other factors to take into consideration would be is the company local? What is the history of that company? Do they give back to the community? What are their reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google Reviews, etc.

Number 1 Photo Booth Rental Company

Lucky Shots has the absolute best Photo booth rental San Antonio experiences to offer your next wedding, socials, or corporate event! They provide their services to events across Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Downtown, The Woodlands, and the surrounding locations.

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