Are you looking for a persuasive topic for your upcoming speech but are failing to find something that interests both you and your audience? Then continue reading this article because we have come up with thirty-five topics that will suit best you and your audience’s interest "essay writer". The major setback that people face in their speeches is due to not aligning their topic of speech with the interest of their listeners. So be sure that you do not make the same mistake if you wish to ace your speeches.

Starting with the type of persuasive speech topics, there are three types that are all targeted to areas of belief and attitude of the audience. Those three types are speeches of facts, value, and policy. They claim and persuade the audience on what is or what and how should it be. In your speeches, you prove your point through facts, logic, or emotional appeal. It is recommended that you get your speeches written by an expert essay writer. These experts know how to hit the audience at its core.

35 Topics for your Persuasive Speeches

Below is a list of topics that you can choose from for your speeches. They are all persuasive speech topics and are meant to persuade the audience. You may choose the exact topic or just get an idea and make one of your own. Also, they are divided into different categories.


  1. Should wildlife trading be legal?
  2. Should we start adopting pets rather than buying them?
  3. Why are zoos and aquariums unethical?
  4. Should animal testing be prohibited?
  5. Should animal hunting be banned?
  6. Should exotic animals be illegal?

Arts and Music

  1. Should graphic arts be considered as an actual form of art?
  2. Is graffiti art?
  3. Reasons why art and music therapy be covered by health insurance.


  1. Reasons why voting should be mandatory
  2. Should the legal voting age be revised?
  3. Reasons why current voting policies need to be revised
  4. Were recent elections fair?
  5. Should politics be kept aside from personal life?


  1. Can introvert be good leaders?
  2. Importance of niche marketing
  3. Should advertising of harmful products be allowed?
  4. Is advertising a mind game?

Science and Technology

  1. Netflix and young adult problems
  2. The negative impact of social media
  3. Reasons why “cancel culture” be banned
  4. Increased privacy threats due to technological advancements
  5. Facts that prove there’s life on other planets
  6. Unreliability of online shopping
  7. How technology has helped in warfare


  1. What should be the punishment for cyber crimes?
  2. Should juveniles be given some margin?
  3. Should the fast-food industry be legally blamed for diseases like obesity?
  4. Should adoptees be given
  5. Should women be given the right to abortion?
  6. Reasons why smoking be banned in public places
  7. Reasons why assistance in suicide be punished

Health and Medicine

  1. Reasons why organ donation be legal
  2. Everyone has a right to free healthcare
  3. How is a vegetarian diet better than a meat-based diet?
  4. Why should birth control methods be free of charge?
  5. Should all types of treatments and therapy be covered by health insurance?

From the above list, choose a topic that targets the mindset of your audience as they are meant to persuade people on a topic on which they hold an opposite or different view. Focus on the delivery of your speech only as this is what I used to do to ace my speeches "essay writing service". I knew anyone can write my essay for me and I should focus on its delivery only. You should do the same. Lastly, don’t restrict yourself to only above listed topics. Make one of your own by combining two or more.

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