Vedanta Air Ambulance, Vedanta Air Ambulance Service in Patna for Emergency and Care Patient Transfer about 1 month ago

Patient shifting mechanisms should be effective solutions to deliver a non-troublesome and comfortable journey to ailing individuals ensuring end-to-end care and medical assistance. For the convenience of the patients, Vedanta Air Ambulance is delivering Air Ambulance Services in Patna that guarantees the joinery is safe, comfortable, and risk-free involving the highest level of care maintained throughout the process. Our air evacuation medium is the most preferred option when patients need to travel to their choice of healthcare facility without any delay.

We provide the most practical and cost-effective way to shift patients over long distances via our charter medical flights that are designed to make your traveling experience non-risky and smooth right from the inception of the medical transfer. For the convenience of the patients, our team can arrange a clinical medical team to accompany them and offer regular medical attention and assistance whenever required. Getting an Air Ambulance from Patna is easy as you have to contact the customer helpline team that is always ready to support patients!


Vedanta Air Ambulance Services in Kolkata is Always Ready to Help Patients


We at Vedanta Air Ambulance Services in Kolkata operate with a skilled and certified team of doctors, nurses, paramedics, therapists, and caregivers who are capable of keeping the medical condition of the patients in a thriving state and never tend to complicate the relocation mission at any point. Our specialist doctors and nurses have transported patients from all over the world, and are trained at handling emergencies occurring onboard.

We at Air Ambulance in Kolkata have additional crew members to ensure continuity of clinical care during the journey and patients requiring life-support and ventilation are routinely and safely transferred within the allotted time duration to avoid any casualties from occurring. Choosing our service can be favorable to the patients as we never complicate the relocation mission!

  • Assistance offered 24/7
  • Arrangements for transferring patients are done on time
  • Non-risky transfer process delivered
  • Maintaining the safety and comfort
  • Offering highly facilitated air medical transport
  • Organizing ground ambulance for inter-facility transfer
  • Bed-to-bed relocation provided effectively
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