Do you want to get Google Cloud Certified? Do you want to be among the IT professionals who get leadership roles and earn higher-paying jobs? Do you want to get the best Google Cloud training available?

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In this blog, you will learn which Google cloud Certification is best for you.

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What is Google Cloud Certification?

Google Cloud Certification is a role-based certification that measures your proficiency at performing a job using Google Cloud technology. If you possess all the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to complete each job using rigorously developed industry-standard methods, then you earn the Google Cloud Certification.

A report shows that up to 87% of Google Cloud certification holders feel more confident in their cloud skills and knowledge than those who are not certified. Google Cloud certifications are also considered among the highest-paying IT certifications, with more than 1 in 4 of Google Cloud-certified individuals taking on more responsibility or leadership roles at work. The statistics itself show the importance of getting Google Cloud Certification.

Here are the different levels of Google Cloud Certification for you to choose from:

Foundational certification-

This is the fundamental level certification, which will help you validate how broad your knowledge of cloud concepts and the products, services, tools, features, benefits, and use cases of Google Cloud is.

Associate certification-

You can take upon the associate level of Google Cloud certification once if you already possess the fundamental knowledge of Google Cloud. This certification assesses your basic skills to deploy and maintain cloud projects.

Professional certification-

Professional certification is the expert level that assesses your knowledge of key technical job functions and advanced skills in the design, implementation, and management of Google Cloud products.

Mentioned below are the best Google Certification Courses you can choose from.

Google Cloud Digital Leader-

As one of the most popular Google Cloud Certification, Google Cloud Digital Leader certification is ideal for beginners who want to learn both Cloud computing essentials and Google Cloud Platform, in this certification course, you learn the basics of cloud computing and how to use Google Cloud products and services.

As a Cloud Digital Leader, you will suggest various cloud solutions. This certification is ideal for individuals who are looking to get technical, commercial, or managerial roles.

Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer-

If you are an application developer who wants to learn how to develop and create applications on google cloud, then Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification is ideal.

In this certification course, you will learn hands-on skills on Google Cloud, such as how to use the Google cloud console, deploy applications, monitor operations, configure them, and much more.

Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer-

Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer is the most suitable cloud certification for Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Data Engineers. As a certificate holder, you will work to collect, process, secure, and monitor data systems.

As a data engineer, you should know designing, building, operationalizing, securing, and monitoring data processing systems to ensure data security.

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect-

Suppose you are an experienced IT professional such as a senior developer, Solution Architect, Tech lead, and software architect. In that case, the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect is the best certification choice. This certification requires you to thoroughly understand cloud architecture and Google Cloud. This certification exam is considered one of the most challenging exams to pass.

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer-

If you are either a Java developer or a Python developer, then the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer is your best certification.

In this certification course, he will learn practices and tools for building highly scalable applications that are Google recommended. You also learn to use the latest database technology, developer tools, and more.

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Network Engineer-

To get the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification, you must have a hands-on experience with Google cloud.

This certification is designed ideally for Network Engineers and Network admins.

This certification course will teach you to manage and implement network architect solutions in Google GCP, such as virtual private cloud VPC.

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Security Engineer-

If you are already a security professional and want to get certified, then Google Cloud Professional Cloud Security Engineer is the best certification for you.

The demand for Google Certified Cloud engineers is very high as they are the ones who enable the design and implement secure workloads and infrastructure on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Professional Collaboration Engineer-

This is another Google Certification that is very high in demand regarding the career pool. As a Google Cloud Professional Collaboration Engineer certificate holder, you will manage the users, resources, and team drive lifecycle, monitor the organization’s operations, and manage emails.

Google Cloud Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer-

As a Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer certificate holder, you will ensure the development operation goes seamlessly; you should also know how to build software using the Google cloud platform.

This certificate is among the most in-demand Google Cloud certification.

Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer-

As a certified Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer, you will design and build machine learning models to solve real-world problems using the Google cloud platform. You should also know how to prepare and process data using the Google Cloud Platform.

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