Meeting: City Council

Meeting Time: December 12, 2017 at 10:46am PST
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Agenda Item

4.1 17-420 Actions Related to the Bridge Housing Community.

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    Rose Sullivan about 1 year ago

    As a former employee of the Housing Authority of County of Santa Clara, I would suggest you revamp the broken system that currently exists by restricting terms for housing and placing restrictions on generational recipients of benefits. Make room for people that really need the help instead of those that won the lottery ticket for ongoing free housing. Fix the current system. Don't play with citizens hard earned money for a "pilot program".

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    James Bustamante about 1 year ago

    Members of Nextdoor Social Media App are getting together to speak up. We strongly object to the concept of Bridge Housing Communities in these proposed areas. This is extremely unpopular with residents surrounding these suggested sites and doesn't address the underlying problems of homelessness in San Jose. FIND ANOTHER AREA FOR THESE PROJECTS! Blossom Hill and Snell has already become a cesspool. The City has let us down. Will this remove the homeless from where they are now? If not, then no!