Meeting: City Council

Meeting Time: September 10, 2019 at 1:30pm PDT
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Agenda Item

4.3 19-762 Actions Related to the Agreement with Housing Trust Silicon Valley for the Accessory Dwelling Unit Forgivable Loan Program.

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    J S 5 months ago

    Please don't waive park impact fees or any other fees & taxes. Our parks are already poorly maintained. ADUs add housing and people, the owners should help pay for parks. It would not be fair to make other residents subsidize those living in or providing ADUs by waiving fees. I agree with San Jose Park Advocates. We are already losing many trees and other greenery be allowing ADUs in backyards, if anything they should pay extra, not get a fee waiver. We used to be a city of Trees, but no more.

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    T J 5 months ago

    We should not add insult to injury by subsidizing ADUs. It is already difficult to get decent sleep due to loud talking early or late, doors slamming, loud music, pots and pans banging, and much more. It is wrong to change the rules on people who have bought and maintained single-family homes for years. We should not make it any easier to ruin our city. ADUs are blight. Well-designed apartments or condos provide more privacy and protection from noise and noxious fumes than backyard ADUs.