Meeting Time: September 09, 2019 at 1:16pm PDT
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3. CC 19-209 Building Reach Code for New Construction. Environmental Services / Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement)

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    Bret Andersen 5 months ago

    Please recommend Alternative #1 as described in the Staff Memorandum

    Our local electric building market needs a kick-start to get on track. One quarter of US homes are already all electric and the share is growing (according to the US EIA) fastest in the favorable south and west climates. They are unfamiliar in CA because of the prevalence of cheap natural gas. Builders, designers and customers just need firm motivation to learn about the advantages.

    Bret Andersen, Carbon Free Palo Alto

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    Dashiell Leeds 5 months ago

    Please recommend Alternative #1 as described in the Staff Memorandum.

    We are living in a climate crisis. Building electrification is both achievable and necessary in the fight against climate change: All-electric buildings improve public health and safety, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and enable affordable housing through lower construction costs.

    Dashiell Leeds, Conservation Assistant, Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter

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    scott shell 5 months ago

    Please require new projects be all-electric with no gas.
    Many clients require T24 be exceeded, UC by 20%, and CSU by 10%, these are met my 100's of teams. Modest goals will not spur electrification.
    Menlo Park staff reported on why they are requiring all-electric (with exceptions):
    “Sonoma Clean Power offered $7,500 for increased efficiency and $12,500 for all-electric, plus more savings by not installing gas. But only 1/3 choose all-electric, falling short of goal”

    Scott Shell, EHDD