Meeting Time: January 30, 2020 at 8:46am PST
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Agenda Item

19-1240 1. Table Top Exercise. Staff will present a discussion based, Table Top Exercise, for the Mayor and City Council members experience the City's overall emergency management efforts to create comprehensive emergency plans, coordinate response action, and communicate with the electeds, the public, and partner response agencies. By the end of this session, Council members will have: • Discussed actions to take during an emergency; • Engaged in discussion on how the Emergency Operations Center collects information, creates situation status reports, and communicates with the elected; and • Engaged in discussion on the updated plans and procedures. 2. Emergency Management Roadmap Update. Staff will report on the activities related to improving City readiness. By the end of this section, Mayor and Council members will have: • Engaged in discussion regarding Citywide Emergency Management Strategy and Vision.