Meeting: City Council

Meeting Time: March 10, 2020 at 1:16pm PDT
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Agenda Item

10.2 20-219 GPT19-003/GP19-005/GP19-006 - General Plan Text Amendment, General Plan Amendment for Real Property Located at 625 Hillsdale Avenue, and General Plan Amendment for Real Property Located at 500 Nicholson Lane (Council Policy Priority #2 - Mobilehome Conversions).

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    Deleted User about 4 years ago

    2040 General Plan Major Strategy #3 - Focused Growth states: “While the Focused Growth strategy directs and promotes growth within identified Growth Areas, it also strictly limits new residential development through neighborhood infill outside these Growth Areas to preserve and enhance the quality of established neighborhoods.” I believe existing mobile home communities are superb examples of established neighborhoods, while also providing no-cost alternative affordable housing. THANK YOU!

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    Glenna Howe about 4 years ago

    These mobile home communities are a way for families who are our service providers to buy homes and have some security. In this area those who care for our youngest and oldest can not afford to buy other homes. Those who care for the disabled, our parks, our city streets and drive the ambulances that cone to our aid need affordable places to live. Mobile homes provide this for these people who are the very heart of our city