Meeting: City Council

Meeting Time: March 10, 2020 at 1:16pm PDT
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Agenda Item

* SEE NEW ITEM 3.5, "Ratification and Extension of Proclamation of Local Emergency Due to Confirmation From the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health That Community Transmission of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is Happening at the Local Level" AND NEW ITEM 8.3 "Actions Related to Income Loss and Evictions Due to Novel Coronavirus" TO BE ADDED UNDER ORDERS OF THE DAY, REQUIRES A DETERMINATION BY A TWO-THIRDS (2/3) VOTE OF THE MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL PRESENT AT THE MEETING, OR, IF LESS THAN TWO-THIRDS (2/3) OF THE MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL ARE PRESENT AT THE MEETING, A UNANIMOUS VOTE OF THOSE MEMBERS PRESENT THAT THERE IS A NEED TO TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION. Council's Rules of Conduct, Resolution No. 79367, Rule 3(d).

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    S M about 4 years ago

    I am concerned what may happen under a moratorium on rent. I have one rental. I rely on the rent to pay for everything related to the rental. Burdens should be shared and fair to all residents. It seems this has not been thoroughly thought through. How long are residents expected to go with substantial loss of rental income? Please take into account all San Jose residents. There should also be a provision that tenants become current on past due rent.

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    Sam Seder about 4 years ago

    City Council has requested people watch this meeting via internet.
    The first floor City Hall staff are still required to work, hours not changing, not reducing the chance of exposing themselves COVID-19, is gross negligence on behalf of the city's leadership. It is incumbent on council to support the 1st floor staff to work without being face to face with customers and provide the best service possible. This is for any staff who do not work behind glass. Thank you for your consideration.