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1) Use the eComment tab located on the City Council Agenda page. eComments are also directly sent to the iLegislate application used by City Council and staff. 2) Email during the meeting to, identifying the Agenda Item Number in the email subject line to have the comments verbally read into the record, with a maximum of 250 words, which corresponds to approximately 2 minutes per individual comment, subject to the Mayor's discretion. Comments received after the agenda item is heard but before the close of the meeting will be included as a part of the meeting record but will not be read into the record.

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    Andrew Le over 1 year ago

    No rent suspension. It will hurt economy in San Jose. How about give three months rent fund from the salaries which people purposed this!

  • Default_avatar
    Haojiang Li over 1 year ago

    "Rent Suspension" is clearly a violation of the constitution. It takes away landlord's right to form and execute contract with tenant. Landlords depend on rental income to pay mortgag, property tax, insurance and maintenance expenses and to survive at this difficult time. If landlords are forced to waive rent, please provide them credits for property tax payment. So I strongly oppose this rent suspension proposal.

  • Default_avatar
    rima patel over 1 year ago

    does city wants to give free water and garbage collection free to all landlord who pays for water and garbage evergreen 5 bed room rent is 4000 dollrs per month mine is far less than that and on tope of it my renters do not pay garbage or water, we are retired people only ss money is not enough for medical bills and insurance , remember heath cost is high no matter what insurance even medicare has cap

  • Default_avatar
    Haiying Lu over 1 year ago

    Please don’t act like communism to take away our income. This is constitutional violation!

  • Default_avatar
    Kevin Huang over 1 year ago

    Strongly oppose rent suspension.

  • Default_avatar
    Andrea Q over 1 year ago

    Rent suspension.

    This is a ridiculous proposal that does not consider the direct financial impact to the small landlords who relies on rental income to fulfill their mortgage and property taxes and insurance obligation.
    This proposal could largely harm the financial balance of the small landlords and resulting in severely adverse impact including increasingly foreclosure in SJ

  • Default_avatar
    David Meng over 1 year ago

    Suspend rent

  • Default_avatar
    Sarah Weng over 1 year ago

    Rent suspension is unconstitutional and divides the community. Whoever came up with that idea doesn’t have any knowledge of constitution and is clueless about how to unite the community during the difficult time. They waste tax payer’s resource and time. We deserve better leaders.

  • Default_avatar
    Feng D over 1 year ago

    Landlord also has bills to pay including mortgages and property taxes and numerous other bills, this could lead to many landlord to bankrupt and create further problems to the society. I ask the City Council to focus on real solutions to this crisis, such as financial assistance to tenants to help them pay rent or to landlords who are deferring rent.

  • Default_avatar
    Peter Hu over 1 year ago

    Item 8.3 is a unconstitutional proposal. It damages property owners' right. Property owners are also impacted by Covid 19. They need to pay property tax, mortgage and bills relying on the rental income. Government should provide help to both tenants and landlords who suffered the economic impact by the virus. Government should help tenants pay rent if they cannot afford in a short term. Government has no right to force landlords to take the burden. Strongly oppose Item 8.3

  • Default_avatar
    Zhi Zhang over 1 year ago

    Rent suspension by Carracci
    And peralez can’t solve tenants problem but creat new problems to landlords, contractors, property maintainers and so on. More families lost pay check if landlords lost their incomes.

  • Default_avatar
    Hongfei Xu over 1 year ago

    As a landlord, like other tenants, I also have financial challenges to pay my bills and raise children during this pandemic time.