Meeting Time: July 28, 2020 at 9:00am PDT
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    Gameof Thrones over 3 years ago

    traits of both breeds. <a href=""></a> For instance, the Golden Shepherd – a mix between a GSD and a Golden Retriever – has the strength and size of a GS with the swimming ability of a Retriever.</p>

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    Kay C over 3 years ago

    Why create orders,rules, etc. if they're not going to be strictly enforced?The virus is spreading because words like,"strongly discourage" don't mean anything to those who don't care to follow rules.I have neighbors who continue to throw parties at their house, don't wear masks, don't social distance, don't shelter in place. The police do nothing.The city does nothing.The county does nothing.It's people such as my neighbors, and people who make rules and don't enforce them,that ruin it for all.