Meeting: City Council

Meeting Time: February 23, 2021 at 11:00am PST
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Agenda Item

10.5 21-330 GP20-003 - General Plan Amendment for Certain Property Located at 1975 Cambrianna Drive.

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    Kendy Lundgaard 3 months ago

    I urge you to support the Cambrian School District’s proposal. The district has overwhelming support for this project, as seen in the over 1000 signatures submitted to the council. Most importantly, the funds that would be generated by this project are crucial to our small school district, as we face growing deficits and mounting pressure for budget cuts, reduction in staff, or even closing a school site. Especially with the financial impacts of COVID, these funds are more important than ever.

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    Jill Brigham 3 months ago

    This proposal is the result of the investment of a huge amount of time, energy and resources by the district. Approval would provide much needed revenue of $500,000/ year by Spring 2022. A no vote would be a disservice to our community and our students. Cambrian would need to go through this whole process again which will have additional financial impact and cause the incoming revenue to be delayed.
    As a parent I urge you to approve this proposal. Our students deserve your support!

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    Angela Kochiyama 3 months ago

    I am in FULL support of passing the Metzler land development proposal. Not only am I a teacher in CSD, but my 2 children also attend the schools. CSD is a small district that faces declining enrollment and teacher retainment just like every other district around us. The difference is CSD has been very proactive for the last 3 years in finding other revenue sources that help. Not passing this proposal would mean missing out on $500K a year. The cuts would be horrific! Help our little district!

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    Dave Hicks 3 months ago

    The Cambrian School District desperately needs your help. A vote in favor of this proposal will benefit our students without hurting the community. If you pass this now, our district will be able generate an estimated $500,000 per year starting in March 2022. We are facing $1.3 million in cuts from the 2022-2023 budget. Delaying this proposal could cost another $1 million. The 30+ year old vacant lot doesn’t serve anyone and we can’t waste the opportunity to improve our schools. Please vote yes.

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    Katie DAmico 3 months ago

    As a board member of the Farnham Home and School Club, I strongly support the districts plans. This will get us the finances we desperately need as soon as possible. Delaying this plan will cause our budget defaults to only spiral more out of control and put our schools in danger of closing. We are already in this situation because of all the school budget cuts, so please allow us to generate income a way that we can. Thank you!