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    Brenda Dohmen about 3 years ago

    Everyone thinks zoning is the problem. Rezoning SFH, opportunity housing ,or up zoning incrementally increases density and increases per square foot housing costs.That evidence is indisputable. Look at data from any major city, before and after zoning density changes. Zoning is not the problem. Keep the original Envision 2040 plan as is, no changes. Save our tree canopy, improve air quality, retain quality of life, stop greed and land grab by developers over SFH owners, reduce costs of living.

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    Tami Sell about 3 years ago

    Please Oppose the Elimination of Single Family Residence Zoning. Opportunity Housing will make San Jose less desirable to interested home buyers. Please build out the planned 70 Urban Villages first, then reassess. Opportunity Housing wants the opposite of the Greenbelt Alliance, reducing greenery. With Opportunity Housing, trees and grass will be reduced, carbon emissions will increase, infrastructure in older neighborhoods will crumble, and bus service is rare in the red zones on the VMT map.