Meeting Time: May 13, 2021 at 8:46am PDT
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    Yvonne Maxwell almost 3 years ago

    Hello, and thank you. I’m a resident of District 2. On behalf of Sacred Heart's Racial Equity and Community Safety Committee and the Listening Sessions and Focus Groups being hosted. Participants are saying to prioritize sanctioned encampments and tiny homes or expand permanent supportive housing. Alternatives to armed responders to a call for someone in a mental health crisis and various tasks like traffic enforcement. Let’s create a Blue Ribbon Commission on Re-Imagining Public Safety.

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    Jaala Robinson almost 3 years ago

    I live in District 3 and am a member of Sacred Heart's RECS. I feel the city budget should best reflect the priorities of the community. As such, I support transforming the reimagining community safety task force into a blue ribbon commission with a 1 million dollar budget. The mess of the current taskforce illustrates the need for a BRC if the city is truly committed to creating alternatives to policing-centered community safety rather than simply wanting the veneer of change. Thank you.

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    Chantal Shaffer almost 3 years ago

    I’m a member of Sacred Heart's RECS.The opportunity for police roles to be civilianized presents an opportunity to increase the safety of our communities and the equity of power in San Jose.The various roles within the police depart that would be better fulfilled in jurisdictions outside SJPD.These include: Mental health crisis&addiction related response,youth & schools outreach&homelessness "enforcement" and outreach.We hope you listen and consider these changes.

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    Elizabeth Finney almost 3 years ago

    Item#2. I'm a resident of Dist 3 and I support changing the reimagining community safety task force to a blue-ribbon commission. Allowing community members a say in reimagining community safety will have a greater positive impact on the community and will allow us to build a budget that prioritizes what our community needs. San Jose can be a leader in the push for better community safety with a blue-ribbon commission. Thank you.

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    Sandra A almost 3 years ago

    Item#2 I’m a resident of District 10 supporting changing the Re-Imagine Community Safety Task Force into a Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) Giving SJPD a 3.85%raise shows funds are available for community safety. A BRC creates a real process & the public is more involved.It brings in experts, host town halls, holds community interviews & gives the city council a complete report on findings. Our budget can prioritize what our community needs. Be leaders in the fight for Race Equity & Community Safety