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1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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    I Walkley about 1 month ago

    Do not opt-in to Senate Bill 10. It is far too extreme, allowing for up to 14 dwelling units on a single-family parcel. Also SJ doesn't need to further densify single-family neighborhoods. Our existing General Plan, which was developed over many years and wide community consultation, will accommodate 400,000 new residents – a 40% increase over our current population w/o additional housing from SB9, SB10, and growing adoption of ADUs. Our city resources are ALREADY inadequate for SJ's population!

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    Gene Chen about 1 month ago

    Under no circumstances should the City Council opt-in to SB9 & SB10 without approval via a citywide vote. It could potentially have a devastating impact 2/3 or more of our neighborhoods. Something as consequential as this should not be decided by a 6 vote majority of the city council. Let the people vote!