Meeting: City Council

Meeting Time: November 30, 2021 at 11:00am PST
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Agenda Item

3.5 21-2483 2022 Legislative Program and the Top Legislative Priorities.

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    Andrew Boyle about 1 month ago

    I strongly urge you to vote in support of CalCare, AB 1400. Healthcare is a right and every elected official in the state should strongly support universal coverage.

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    John Miller about 1 month ago

    We the undersigned urge you to support CalCare, AB 1400:
    Green Party, Santa Clara County
    Orchard City Indivisible
    Students for a National Health Program, South Bay Chapter
    San Jose Strong
    Together We Will - Indivisible Los Gatos
    Covid Action Network
    SJ Peace and Justice Center
    Low-Income Self-Help Center
    Pilipino Association of Workers and Immigrants
    Democratic Socialists of America
    Progressive Democrats of America
    SCC Wage Theft Coalition
    Neighborhood Solidarity Team

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    Nadia Nouri about 1 month ago

    On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, I urge you to vote for Councilmember Carrasco’s memorandum in support of AB 1400, the California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act (CalCare).
    Thank you
    Nadia Nouri

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    Nassim Nouri about 1 month ago

    A super-rich state in the richest country on the planet, should not have its residents die due to preventable and easily treated diseases. The pandemic has shown that healthcare rationing cost lives in the most vulnerable communities of color, seniors, people in poverty, and people with disabilities. We can and MUST do better because healthcare is a human right. Please vote to support AB1400 for desperately needed equitable, quality healthcare for ALL Californians.

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    Peggy Elwell about 1 month ago

    By taking the profiteering out of health insurance, and the excess gains from the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries, we can afford to cover everybody. Premiums, co-pays and deductibles are like a private tax, and would be eliminated with AB 1400.

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    Joan Simon about 1 month ago

    AB1400 provides for guaranteed health care for all California residents. It would provide health care benefits that are comprehensive, covering all medically necessary health needs.
    The City of San Jose would see a reduction in expenses for negotiating and managing employee health plans.
    City employees would have 100% covered, comprehensive health care, for both full-time and part-time employees and their families.
    Vote YES to move the AB1400 memo forward.

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    Vickie Mueller Olvera about 1 month ago

    Health care is a human right. Californians deserve AB1400 California Guaranteed Health Care for All.
    The time is now.

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    Alexa Kaskowitz about 1 month ago

    I support Healthcare for all. As a doctor, I see first hand the I’ll effects on all citizens when people are without health care.

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    Cynthia Tacci about 1 month ago

    As a small business owner for 34 years, the biggest concern/expense was obtaining/providing decent healthcare for myself and our employees. With our average 3 employees, we're at a disadvantage with purchasing and the type of insurance we're to able to provide. We've ended up having to get premiums with large deductibles and limited care.
    With a Single Payer landscape, small businesses will be able to be in a level playing field with bigger companies giving us a larger pool of applicants.