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Agenda Item

1.1 22-1099 Public Hearing on the Local Homelessness Action Plan and Outcome Goals for the Homeless Housing, Assistance and Prevention Program Application.

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    Rupali Satija almost 2 years ago

    Please find place for tiny house away from residential area, specifically kids.

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    Katherine Everett almost 2 years ago

    oppose the District 4 Noble Ave location for a 100 bed Quick Build Emergency Interim Housing. The proposed site was previously removed from consideration due to a number of factors which remain unchanged to date.

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    Nina Seth almost 2 years ago

    I oppose placing tiny homes at Noble Ave. This is next to Noble Elementary, Noble Library and close to Piedmont Middle school. The city of San Jose needs to find a more appropriate site for the tiny homes. This location is not close to city services, public transportation or a grocery store.

    I strongly urge Council to find a location that better meets the needs of those who need housing as well as the community.

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    Tina Lam almost 2 years ago

    The proposed Noble Ave is marked in SJ Planning as low density residential areas R1-8 and in the General Plan 2040 as Open Spaces. The emergency interim housing is in fact high density residential housing. This is in direct violation of current zoning and of the General Plan. Besides it's adjacent to creeks and percolation pond. Any development has to be subject to Brown Act / CEQA. SJ City overlooking this regulation and due process is bringing lawsuit on to itself.

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    Ryan Lee almost 2 years ago

    oppose the District 4 Noble Ave location for tiny home project:
    1. there is no environment impact analysis done. According to open record, at least 4 types of bass and salmon use Penitencia Creek as reproduction area. They are sensitive to water quality;
    2. this location is about 2 miles away from VTA or grocery store
    3. according to a study conducted by Upenn, projected crime rate increase around homeless shelter is 56%. Right across street of this location is elementary school.