Meeting Time: November 29, 2022 at 1:16pm PST
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Agenda Item

* SEE NEW ITEMS 2.20 "Request for Travel and Excused Absence" AND 3.4, "Boards and Commissions Appointments" TO BE ADDED UNDER ORDERS OF THE DAY, REQUIRES A DETERMINATION BY A TWO-THIRDS (2/3) VOTE OF THE MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL PRESENT AT THE MEETING, OR, IF LESS THAN TWO-THIRDS (2/3) OF THE MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL ARE PRESENT AT THE MEETING, A UNANIMOUS VOTE OF THOSE MEMBERS PRESENT THAT THERE IS A NEED TO TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION. Consolidated Open Government and Ethics Resolution No. 77135, Section; Council's Rules of Conduct, Resolution No. 79870, Rule 3(d); Council Agenda Items' Placement After Rules During Social Distancing Period Resolution Nos. 79485 and 80758.