Meeting Time: March 27, 2023 at 1:16pm PDT
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Agenda Item

3. CC 23-065 City Initiatives Roadmap - Housing Stabilization: Community Opportunity to Purchase Program Status Report

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    OLX JOKO about 1 year ago

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    Frank Ye about 1 year ago

    I oppose the proposed COPA policy because it restricts the rights of homeowners, the policy does not address the root cause of the displacement, it discourages new investments, difficult to implement, and it will definitely result in litigation. If COPA passes, it will discourage homeowners from building ADUs which will result in less housing for the community. COPA will not provide more affordable housing, it will only create uncertainty for homeowners.

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    Rebbeca Huang about 1 year ago

    I strongly oppose the proposed COPA policy. Putting restrictions on the sale of properties will increase the number of foreclosures. The owners will have to go through numerous hoops to sell properties which can place them into financial crisis. If the City wants to increase home ownership there are other programs to implement instead of burdening the current homeowners.

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    Ann Chu about 1 year ago

    I strongly oppose. This process will hinder owners to sell the properties timely and at a fair market value. This violates the property owner right in a free, democratic country. It will cost tax payers money with more administrative expenses.

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    Charles Ng about 1 year ago

    I oppose. If Corporate Non-Profit will purchase, then put it on the market. COPA will not allow market to decide on the value, and this will decrease the value of properties.

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    Halen Chu about 1 year ago

    I oppose the the COPA policy because it is unfair to treat homeowners that pay their taxes with more restrictions when they want to sell their properties. It can put homeowners into foreclosures with all the restrictions. The COPA policy is BAD for San Jose.