Meeting: City Council

Meeting Time: June 06, 2023 at 10:46am PDT
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Agenda Item

• Invocation (District 6) - TO BE HEARD AT 1:30 P.M.

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    An Bui 4 months ago

    Hello, my name is An, and I’m a resident who was raised in south San Jose. I strongly oppose the 2 Bernal Rd “back up” emergency interim housing sides and agree with Councilmember Sergio Jimenez. The responsibility of helping our houseless community falls on the whole city, not just south SJ, and our houseless community deserve housing in safer locations.

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    S E 4 months ago


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    Hassan Muqeem 4 months ago

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    Greg Del Bene 4 months ago

    I am against the placement of any further “emergency housing” in District 2 as it unfairly places the burden of the city’s homelessness problem on a very small percentage of the city’s population. Since the placement of the first Interim Emergency Housing Facility on Monterey Road, our community has gone downhill and the area has become an undesirable place to raise our young family. Homeless people are constantly going through our trash and neighbors are sharing many videos of trespassing etc.

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    Laurie BOGGS 4 months ago

    I oppose consideration of any further interim housing or parking sights in District 2 unless and until such facilities are equitably across ALL districts in San Jose. This opposition includes consideration as backup sites. We have done and are doing far more than our fair share to shoulder our homeless crisis. I call for EQUITY!

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    Karen Hou 4 months ago

    Strongly oppose. This will exacerbate the safety and environmental issues.

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    Kahar Tunggal 4 months ago

    My family and I oppose the plan.

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    Richard Rolfes 4 months ago

    emergency interim housing and supportive parking express concerns about financial burden, potential dependency, negative community impact, lack of accountability, and the need for long-term solutions. Please consider these viewpoints in your decision-making process.

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    Gary Wei 4 months ago

    I am writing to express my vehement opposition to the proposed construction of a large RV park near our neighborhood. As a concerned resident, I firmly believe that this development will have profound and irreversible negative impacts on our community, and I urge you to reconsider this proposal. Allow me to outline the compelling reasons behind my strong objection: 1) Negative environmental Impact. 2) Increased Traffic Congestion. 3) Strain on Infrastructure. 4) Diminished Quality of Life.

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    Jiali Zhang 4 months ago

    Dear City Council Members,
    I oppose the proposed RV park in Berryessa. It would disrupt our tranquil neighborhood with noise, traffic, and visual impact. Safety, property values, and environmental concerns are significant. Please reconsider this proposal.

    Thank you.


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    Ryan Wei 4 months ago

    I would say our the RV park would affect the security to our neighborhood. It is less convincing to believe the city can manage it well enough since the city completely failed to manage encampment sites around the river/parks.

    Our neighbor is already getting enough safety/security issue. We do not want to get it worse. I would say NO to this RV park plan.

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    Cassie Gong 4 months ago

    I say NO to RV parking site in Berryessa neighborhood.

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    Wei Tan 4 months ago

    It will cause all sorts of safety and security problems to our neighborhood and the idea of RV park for homeless is a stupid idea that doesn’t help with the ever worsening homeless situation

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    Po Sun 4 months ago

    Our community is messy enough by all different kinds of homelesses already. Breaking-ins, mail/package theft, cluster mailboxes stolen, mental illness homeless hanging around, hiding in our gas meter closets. beautifySJ has been working so hard to help cleaning up the area but why are you brining them back!?

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    Jennifer Cao 4 months ago

    Concerns About Proposed RV Safe Parking for Homeless

    Dear City Council, I oppose the RV safe parking plan near my house. Safety, property values, and environmental impact are my key concerns. Please reconsider the location and engage residents in finding a better solution. Thank you.