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Writing tips if you are used to driving or you know someone who does it well, you will realize that there comes a time when you do all that without even thinking about it. But this can only be achieved with constant practice. You can even develop very good habits, like using your mirrors to know exactly what other cars are doing, and you can even reach your destination unconsciously while talking on the phone (which of course I do NOT recommend). The same happens when speaking in public. Experienced speakers have developed their skills so much that they can deliver a presentation with great coordination in their voice, body language, and organization of their message without even thinking about it. If you also want to achieve this ability to express yourself, you need to MASTER the following 5 skills: 1. Control the Nerves. Being a little nervous before a speech gives you the focus and energy you need to get your message across and motivate your audience. But if you don't have the ability to control those nerves, they can turn into panic, make you forget everything, and ruin your presentation. That is why you must learn to keep your nerves in check. You can do this by controlling your breathing and your thoughts. Take deep breaths before you start and keep positive thoughts in your mind. Of course, this takes practice and patience. 2. Organize Your Ideas. If your ideas are well clear and organized in your mind, you will be able to express them easily in front of everyone. In addition, in this way, it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to forget what you are going to say because each idea and each concept that you are going to deal with is already well related in your brain. When speaking in public you need to give an introduction, body, and conclusion to your message. That is why I recommend you to be very clear about the relationships that one idea has with another. When preparing your speech, make a little written or mental outline, and don't stop meditating on all your ideas until they are very clear. 3. Master Your Voice. Voice is one of the most important pillars of a speaker. It depends on your voice that people pay attention to you, understand you and allow themselves to be persuaded. If your voice is monotonous or weak, you are going to put everyone to sleep. To give your voice more strength and naturalness you need to control your breathing well. Do deep breathing exercises using your diaphragm and controlling the airflow so that it is smooth. When you are speaking in public, get in the habit of starting with a low pitch and volume, and going up and down throughout the presentation, and ending with force and volume.

  1. Take Advantage of Your Body Language. Your body speaks! 80% of our communication is NON-verbal. This means that with your body language you are sending a lot of messages to others. Your body is always communicating something. So make sure those messages strengthen what you are telling them with your words. This skill may be one of the most practiced skills, but it can be mastered. The key is to practice until you reach a point where you can relax upfront and enjoy your presentation. When you do, you will notice that automatically your body and your hands will begin to move on their own very naturally based on what you are saying.
  2. Manage Your Audience. When you have mastered the first 4 public speaking skills, you are almost ready to become a great public speaker. Now you just have to develop a management of the public to prevent them from falling asleep, move their emotions, motivate and persuade them. Only then can you deliver your message SUCCESSFULLY. To achieve this, start with something that grabs their attention, keeps their interest by focusing on what they want to hear, builds a relationship and trust by sharing something very personal, does dynamics where they stand and stretch, and make sure you end with a powerful closing. Perhaps the SECRET to good public speaking lies simply in developing these 5 skills. It is said to be easy, but to achieve it requires a lot of practice. I recommend that you practice these 5 skills and focus on ONLY ONE of them at a time until you have some mastery of it. Then you go to the next one and thus you will notice that as you progress, all of them are strengthened at the same time. But you need to focus on each one separately. Practice them in the order I've just shown them, and remember that only with practice can you develop your public speaking skills. write my essay write essay for me write my essay for me essay writing service paper writing service
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