Time is not only money, but also opportunities that you shouldn't just waste. If not from now on you are working hard to realize all your dreams and hopes, then when will you be? The future shadows that only repeat in your thought projections pkv will not help you manifest anything. Shadows will remain as shadows, if you don't immediately paint them in real life with action.

Simply put, to make the shadows feel real, just think if every tomorrow that comes there will be a future that you slowly repay. Inevitably, every day you are required to do more. Don't give chance to dreams that lead you to life's uncertainties.

Long before you came to the world, your future was in their prayer hands. After you were born, they did everything in their power to help build your future. But after you have considered yourself qualified to think about your own future. You forget their time which decreases every day.

Just so you know, your father and mother did not always accompany you. They also never know when it's time to let you go through life without them again. Therefore, while they are still by your side, don't be too busy thinking about your future. Think about how to make them happy and calm in their old age. Think about how you should love them without making them sad and disappointed.

You are indeed a writer who always holds a pen to compile all your plans. But, you also have to remember, if the Painter of the Universe is always the one who has the authority to hold the eraser. When you believe in all the efforts you put into collecting the future. The Painter of the Universe still has a way to make sure your efforts are worth it or not.

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