An SOP is basically a long academic essay demanded by many Indian universities during the admission process and today some of the Indian institutes during the pre-admission stage. As the complete form of SOP clearly states, a statement of purpose is an academic essay stating the motive of submitting to a certain course in a specific university. The statement of purpose is mandatory to be submitted along with an application form as well as with the financial aid. A statement of purpose has to be submitted along with the curriculum vitae as well, though this is not compulsory.



Generally, most of the institutions follow the statement of purpose format. However, there are few institutions who customize the statement of purpose for themselves and they can be accessed through an online portal. The statement of purpose format generally consists of five paragraphs which are written in the front matter of the admission forms. Should I consult sop writing services? First of all the name of the person is mentioned in the first paragraph followed by the address, contact details and his contact details in the next paragraphs. In the second paragraph, the objective of the educational institution is mentioned and in the third paragraph of the statement of purpose is emphasizing more. In the fourth paragraph the date is mentioned and in the fifth paragraph the name of the person who is writing the essay is mentioned briefly mentioning the academic qualifications and other credentials.


The statement of purpose format is usually adopted by most of the Indian Institutes as it is the format used in the graduation certificates of Indian Institute. Though this format has been accepted internationally, yet it is found to be quite convenient and simple to adopt at the campus level. The statement of purpose should be submitted along with the curriculum vitae or MA thesis statement. While preparing for the statement of purpose, most of the students make many grammatical errors which are highlighted by the admission panel.

A student should avoid using too much jargon words or making grammatical errors. The statement of purpose is a very important part of the admissions process, as it is the first statement of intention that is presented by the candidate. Thus it is advisable to write a well-written statement of purpose, which should not contain any error. An applicant must remember that the statement of purpose is a tool for the recruiter to evaluate the candidate. Thus the statement of purpose should not contain any misleading or false information.

The statement of purpose helps in selecting the candidates as well the reputation of sopwritingservice, as it contains information about the candidate's academic achievements, work experience and also states the personal attributes that an individual possesses. For instance, if you have applied to some Ivy League university, you may mention your participation in National Basketball Association. Such statement of purpose writing helps you in getting admit in some top-notch colleges and universities.

It is important to write a good statement of purpose, because this helps you to impress the reader and also it acts as a good stepping stone to entering into an elite institution. The statement of purpose must be written clearly and comprehensively. One must not use any illogical words or expressions. The essay must not be very long, neither should it contain irrelevant information. The essay should have a clear direction to its destination and must have a strong call to action.


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