6 Beautiful Romantic Ways to Say 'I Love You'  


How to say I love you differently from the person who shares your life or even for the first time in your romantic relationship?

Between those who do not like to say these three words orally and those who are looking for an original way to prove their feelings, there is a whole world of opportunities. Generally speaking, people who mean I love you otherwise are people who can fall into the following five categories:

  • Lack of self-confidence: fear of rejection, fear of ridicule
  • Being uncomfortable with expressing feelings
  • Having never learned to speak positively (thank you, parents!)
  • Need to differentiate yourself from others
  • Want to prove the unique and passionate aspect of the relationship

Wanting to say I love you differently is actually proof of a real effort to make this romantic relationship something completely different. Something different from what you've been through before, something different from what you see in the movies.

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So, if you want to think outside the box and if you want to confess your feelings in an original way, here is what you can do:


1. Make a surprise


Does your sweetheart have friends or family members that he / she has not seen for a long time? Or, has he / she wanted to buy something for a long time, but doesn't have the time to shop or the money?

Well, this is the opportunity to surprise him. On the one hand, you tell him / her that you are listening to him / her when she / he speaks. On the other hand, you tell him that you care about his happiness.

2. Offer erotic coupons

Personally, I think it's extremely romantic. You can make erotic coupons yourself. Just cut out scraps of paper (try a passion-related color like red). 

On each paper, write down actions: foot massage, striptease, romantic movie night, etc. Offer a box containing the vouchers to your significant other and tell them that they can choose any voucher at any time.

3. Game to be played by SMS


An SMS game is easy to set up. You can choose "you prefer ...", "kiss, marry, kill", "who am I?" ", Etc. My favorite text message game is “complete the sentence”. You take turns starting a sentence for the other to complete.

This game to be played by SMS is an opportunity to discover the feelings of the other and to add a little spice to your relationship. And you can start this game after sharing good morning images to your partner. 

For example, “if you were alone with me, locked in a room, you would…”.

4. Pair game

Almost any board game can be turned into a couple of game. For example, if you like to play scrabble, on each round the person with the fewest points has to take off an item of clothing. 

Or if you like to play checkers, the person who loses a game has to take a shot and confess a secret. A game to play as a couple is a great way to learn more about each other and strengthen your bonds.

5. Develop an eye-contact


Eye contact is extremely important for deepening your bond. Learn to master this technique so that you can communicate with your other half, wherever you are. You have to look at the face, lips and eyes in particular.

Saying I love you differently also means knowing how to use body language to your advantage.

6. Give compliments

Who says "love," says "compliments". So, if you want to say I love you otherwise, you just have to highlight the qualities of your darling. For example, if your partner makes a great Curry, tell him that when he's cooking he's very sexy.

If your sweetheart is good at drawing, tell her that you are amazed by her talent.

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