Writing a thesis tends to dread most of the students. Students’ fears are quite understandable. No doubt, case studies are probably the most challenging and burdensome task for college students. Writing an effective thesis is no walk in the park "essay writing service". You need to start off by picking a good topic and then chalk out a clear and concise hypothesis that is relevant to the topic. Thereafter, begins the real task, the research. It can require either quantitative or qualitative research methods or sometimes even both, depending upon the topic. Once you are done with the data collection, you may get to penning down the thesis.

If you have never written a thesis before, you might need to think about getting help from some online essay writer service. They do not only provide help with essays but also with other writing tasks such as case studies and research papers. 

Writing a thesis is a whole different job than writing an essay. Even if you are a good essay writer with exceptional writing skills, you must still think twice before writing the thesis all on your own. Conducting necessary research and collecting data for the thesis by conducting interviews etc. is a challenging task. And not everyone is cut out for it.

Not all case studies are written in the same way. If you have never written a thesis before, you must know that case studies are usually divided into four categories: illustrative, explanatory, cumulative, and critical. To write an effective thesis, you must familiarize yourself with these types of case studies. Once you are familiar with various types of case studies, you can select which types would help you write a uniform thesis. 

Here some interesting features of different types of case studies that will help you determine which type is more aligned with your intended purpose and audience:

Exploratory case studies

These are also known as investigative case studies because they are preliminary to the implementation of large-scale investigations. These are used to develop an educated perception of a situation or an event. These help in developing analytical strategies, designs, styles, and goals of the investigation. This is very helpful in building the confidence of the researcher and preparing them for studying a considerably uncertain topic. The greatest pitfall of this type of thesis is that the data collected oftentimes seems too convincing and tempts researchers to prematurely release results as conclusions.

Illustrative case studies

These help in describing a situation or a phenomenon and therefore are known as descriptive case studies. It is the right choice when your purpose is to inform the audience about something that they are unfamiliar with. It provides a common and understandable language about the concerned topic. It helps shrink the gap between the understanding of the researcher and the respective audience. One of the major drawbacks of illustrative case studies is that in situations with a high level of diversity, the generalized results might not be true anymore.

Critical Instance Case Studies

If you want to focus on a single event with one or two sites and you are not interested in generalizing the results, critical instance case studies are the best option. They focus on a single event and thoroughly investigate it without worrying about generalizing the results. No room for generalizing and chances of missing out on some of the data sources are major drawbacks of critical instance case studies.

Cumulative Case Studies

These case studies are used to provide comprehensive data collected at different times from different positions "essay writer". This aggregate data is put into a single study for useful purposes. These case studies can be either retrospective, focusing on information collected by past researchers, or prospective, which focuses on case studies that will be conducted in the future. It saves a lot of researchers’ time as well as resources.  


Being a high school student, you may not find a suitable topic to debate on. However, there are many people available online to help you with your essays. Writing a debate can sometimes get hefty, but nonetheless, it is a rewarding experience. You have to be vigilant while writing your essays. The skill to write a debate is a necessary skill, but it can come with determinant efforts "essay writer". The debate has some bounded ethics and reasonings; it is quintessential to know what topic you are debating on.

  1. Should creativity be encouraged in our traditional schooling?
  2. Is the presidential system more efficient than the parliamentary system?
  3. Capital punishments are the only way to eliminate crime
  4. Euthanasia should never be legalized
  5. Alcoholism should be discouraged more than smoking
  6. Recreational drugs are not disastrous on health, as they are propagated.
  7. Poverty and hunger are bigger issues than wars.
  8. A man is a wolf to a man
  9. Human beings are peaceful in nature
  10. Human beings are conflict-prone by nature
  11. Human actions should not be driven by morals
  12. Human actions find their source from the societal morality
  13. Eternal satisfaction is the ultimate pursuit of humanity
  14. Wars are mean to achieve political goals
  15. Diplomatic resolution of the conflict is better than fighting a war
  16. You can never win an argument against women
  17. Religion has always restricted human progress
  18. Religion is the means of societal progress.
  19. Natural selection is the best way to fight out any biological calamity
  20. Future wars will be fought for water resources, not for fuel
  21. Schooling at home surpasses the traditional schooling values
  22. Prisons do not improve the mindset of criminals
  23. Prisons are the natural rehabilitation centers for criminals
  24. Nothing can satisfy the greedy human nature
  25. Perception of god is relative to one’s own perspective
  26. Ethno-nationalistic boundaries of states have complicated the social fabric of nations.
  27. Writing is better than speaking
  28. Human beings learn more from their surroundings than their parents
  29. Progressing against nature brings calamity to human beings
  30. Pen was never mightier than the sword
  31. Religion has substiantly sustained the human civilizations across the globe
  32. Man will always look for the reasons to create divide and fight

An essay writer must be vigilant and flexible in his approach. A positive learning and healthy approach towards debate will enable you to write a perfect debate essay "write my essay". Understanding and apprehending the topic, keeping a firm grip, and using strong evidence for your debate will help you ace your essays.The debate is an interesting genre of essay writing that engages the writer and readers equally. It is important for you to know where and when is the right time to engage a reader. The timing of initiating a debate is essential to give proper meanings and to understand the context of the debate.

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Are you looking for a persuasive topic for your upcoming speech but are failing to find something that interests both you and your audience? Then continue reading this article because we have come up with thirty-five topics that will suit best you and your audience’s interest "essay writer". The major setback that people face in their speeches is due to not aligning their topic of speech with the interest of their listeners. So be sure that you do not make the same mistake if you wish to ace your speeches.

Starting with the type of persuasive speech topics, there are three types that are all targeted to areas of belief and attitude of the audience. Those three types are speeches of facts, value, and policy. They claim and persuade the audience on what is or what and how should it be. In your speeches, you prove your point through facts, logic, or emotional appeal. It is recommended that you get your speeches written by an expert essay writer. These experts know how to hit the audience at its core.

35 Topics for your Persuasive Speeches

Below is a list of topics that you can choose from for your speeches. They are all persuasive speech topics and are meant to persuade the audience. You may choose the exact topic or just get an idea and make one of your own. Also, they are divided into different categories.


  1. Should wildlife trading be legal?
  2. Should we start adopting pets rather than buying them?
  3. Why are zoos and aquariums unethical?
  4. Should animal testing be prohibited?
  5. Should animal hunting be banned?
  6. Should exotic animals be illegal?

Arts and Music

  1. Should graphic arts be considered as an actual form of art?
  2. Is graffiti art?
  3. Reasons why art and music therapy be covered by health insurance.


  1. Reasons why voting should be mandatory
  2. Should the legal voting age be revised?
  3. Reasons why current voting policies need to be revised
  4. Were recent elections fair?
  5. Should politics be kept aside from personal life?


  1. Can introvert be good leaders?
  2. Importance of niche marketing
  3. Should advertising of harmful products be allowed?
  4. Is advertising a mind game?

Science and Technology

  1. Netflix and young adult problems
  2. The negative impact of social media
  3. Reasons why “cancel culture” be banned
  4. Increased privacy threats due to technological advancements
  5. Facts that prove there’s life on other planets
  6. Unreliability of online shopping
  7. How technology has helped in warfare


  1. What should be the punishment for cyber crimes?
  2. Should juveniles be given some margin?
  3. Should the fast-food industry be legally blamed for diseases like obesity?
  4. Should adoptees be given
  5. Should women be given the right to abortion?
  6. Reasons why smoking be banned in public places
  7. Reasons why assistance in suicide be punished

Health and Medicine

  1. Reasons why organ donation be legal
  2. Everyone has a right to free healthcare
  3. How is a vegetarian diet better than a meat-based diet?
  4. Why should birth control methods be free of charge?
  5. Should all types of treatments and therapy be covered by health insurance?

From the above list, choose a topic that targets the mindset of your audience as they are meant to persuade people on a topic on which they hold an opposite or different view. Focus on the delivery of your speech only as this is what I used to do to ace my speeches "essay writing service". I knew anyone can write my essay for me and I should focus on its delivery only. You should do the same. Lastly, don’t restrict yourself to only above listed topics. Make one of your own by combining two or more.

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Flow, Connectivity, and Paragraphs in Essays - Essential Ingredients of Quality Writing

The capability to organize paragraphs and create successful connections among them is something that will help you create a compelling case or argument in any academic write-up. Good flow and connection encourage the essay writer to pursue the writer’s chain of thought easily from one point to another.

Your published article, whether as short as a three-paragraph paper or a detailed study document, ought to be structured in a manner that provides the reader with a positive experience. Perhaps the idea of making a document flow properly seems rather difficult for you but this simple point to remember is that this only happens when your content isn’t organized in the best possible way.

Flow and connectivity are the two most important ingredients that are required to be applied within each paragraph and in the overall paper. Let’s see how you can achieve that 

Within paragraphs

Having researched the topic in consideration for writing an article, you 're likely to have compiled a broad variety of data, documented articles, and other related knowledge for the subject. Almost all people continue putting this factual information together through topic sentences, without properly applying them to the subject matter or indicating the associations between them after the audience.

First, you have to guarantee all external sources are combined with your own written work or analysis. You can hire an essay writer to cross-check whether you have developed coherence among the paragraphs or not. They will definitely provide you with honest feedback that will be helpful in re-organizing your paragraphs. 

The paragraphs might feel irregular when you will not be able to create a proper flow. The audience could get bored or want to finish their reading in the middle. Use of signposts (for instance, finally, in addition, etc) will be a powerful move in order to create the appropriate flow and regularity between your sentences. 

Among different paragraphs

Flow and connectivity are essential between your different paragraphs as well. Each body paragraph will explain one single main idea. And every paragraph of the body should always be separate from other paragraphs. The principal point will indeed be different.

Here you will also connect your paragraphs with the help of signposts or transition words. It will guarantee that you are connecting the former paragraph with the latter one. 

Transitions present the audience the “movement” among paragraphs: they indicate that they proceed and expand into each other in a consistent sequence. They may indeed convince the audience how the passages align with the essay's main subject as defined in the statement of the thesis.


A paragraph should always discuss one concept in each section.

For online help

You can do your work efficiently if you are already aware of the rules and guidelines of attempting a particular paper. Flows and coherence is the ultimate need of every write-up. If you are unsure about any aspect you can feel free to reach out to the urgent essay writing service provider. They have the writing experts that can guide you more about the requirements regarding keeping your paper smooth going and consistent. 

By hiring professional help, you can know how to place your ideas and evidence together in a logical sequence; you will find your work much more clear. This comprehensive approach will allow you to work for higher task achievement levels and thus improve your paragraph structure’s consistency.