In case you haven’t switched to electric vehicles, there is no doubt that you are unaware of the rising expenses of owning and operating a car. Whether it is the ever-increasing price of fuel or paying for insurance, a vehicle also needs some sort of maintenance or repairs, while you cannot ignore taxes and tolls either.

This overwhelming list goes on. So what can you do to keep your vehicle running economically?

There are a few adjustments you can make to improvise on a number of things to get the best out of your vehicle and reduce the running cost.

Here, we are sharing a list of essential hacks you can apply to improve your car's performance while keeping expenses in check.

Keep your car’s tyres inflated as per the manufacturer's recommendation

Underinflated tyres yield resistance while rotating over the road. They tend to have more traction and generate more friction when they come into contact with the ground.

In such a situation, the engine has to bear heavier loads to move the vehicle. Therefore, it takes more fuel to consume. Underinflated tyres may reduce the fuel efficiency by up to 10 to 20%. This is huge when it comes to fuel consumption over a longer period of time.

Besides, under inflation is not good for a tyre’s health either. If a tyre runs too long in such a condition, it will wear down more rapidly than a tyre with normal pressure.

Therefore, you should follow your car’s manufacturer recommendation for proper tire pressure or consult an adviser at Service My Car now. If you need any type of car services or repair including car tinting, car mot check service, car coolant or car battery replacement services, Service My Car provides you hassle free pickup and delivery at the nearest car service centre.

Always try to maintain a steady speed

Usually, many drivers may develop a misunderstanding about speed and fuel consumption. It revolves around the idea that a vehicle runs fast at high speeds while consuming less fuel

But, this is not correct at all, data suggests that a car consumes more fuel when it runs at 100 km/h or more as compared to 50 km/h. However, a speed lowers than 50 km/h is not a good either. Your engine would drop to a lower gear, thus using up more fuel. In conclusion, a steady 50–80 km/h on the highway is best to achieve optimal fuel economy.

Remain mindful while accelerating and avoid braking forcefully

Cruising might be fun, but not for the engine, it takes a toll on engines when RPMs are high while hampering the fuel consumption.

Though a car, especially in moving condition, needs some sort of RPMs, unnecessary revving is a bad habit that results in consuming more fuel than normal.

Besides, applying brakes unnecessarily does not produce a better result when it comes to engine efficiency. Each time somebody applies the brakes to stop the car, it takes full strength for your vehicle to pick up. This takes more fuel to consume.

Such events happen when your vehicle drives through the traffic lights or tailgates (follows closely behind another vehicle). This does not go well for the brakes either, and you might need brake pad replacement sooner than normal.

While driving a vehicle with cruise control, it is better to utilize this technology because it assures a steady speed while driving on the highway. Besides, you can drive a car in a higher gear and not exceed the RPM limits.

It is going to help you manage your vehicle’s engine for a long time. Otherwise, you would end up paying for car engine repair while facing hefty bills.

You can approach Service My Car for any assistance related to car problems.

Never ignore car maintenance

A regular tune-up surely helps improve the performance of a car. There are a few components that need attention regularly so they can offer their best services.

A spark plugs replacement solves the problem of improper ignition, an air filter replacement makes the breathing of a car proper so that it can receive a proper air/fuel mixture. It is the coolant level that should be intact to keep engine temperature in check.

Though car maintenance requires spending some money, such an expense is well compensated when you will be able to avoid those hefty bills for major repairs.

A car that has been well maintained is much less likely to accrue expensive repair costs or break down than one that hasn't been taken care of. Regular fundamental inspections are necessary and make a car to fight all the odds on the road. Besides, if a warning light appears on your dashboard or you hear something strange, this also proves to be helpful in maintaining your car for a long time while informing you about potential risk.

Although it may be alluring to ignore a problem in the hopes that it will go away, doing so will cost you more money in the long run and could even result in a breakdown or accident.

These above-mentioned advices always prove impactful when you actually take them into consideration. However, you may need a professional on whom you can rely. Service My Car offers a number of services for car maintenance and repair. However, you have to book a car service or order a car repair quote on our website or app.

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Smoke is injurious to health for humans as well as automobiles too. A vehicle with a visible sign of smoke at exhaust usually turns out to be carrying an underlying problem.

When it’s in a perfect condition, a car does not produce any visible emissions except some white smoke in the initial seconds of starting.

However, a constant stream of smoke hints at a problem with the engine. Smoke at the exhaust pipe might be of several colours, such as white, black, or blue. Each colour intimates one or more associated problems with a vehicle.

Before diving deep, let’s take a look at the process of how a vehicle emits or produces smoke.

Why does a vehicle produce smoke at tailpipe?

It is as simple as burning wood. You may notice some sort of smoke while burning a wood. Similarly, an engine emits smoke after the combustion process.

When a car's engine is running, it releases a variety of gases and particles as exhaust emissions.

Some of these gases are quite hazardous, but a component (the catalytic converter) in the exhaust system of a car usually converts them into safer ones. However, the emission appears to be colourless.

If there is an underlying problem, an engine may produce appropriate smoke that is not converted by the catalytic converter. And the tail pipe has a good view of this smoke.

A car’s exhaust emission might be any of black, blue or white colours. However, you can make an idea on an issue easily by looking at the smoke colour. Here, we try to share some of common issues and their relation with a corresponding smoke colour.

Why does a car emit black exhaust smoke?

Typically, black smoke indicates that your engine's fuel-to-air ratio is too rich. The fuel part in the mixture is more than enough for the combustion process. This indicates air flow is not adequate into the engine or the fuel injectors are adding too much fuel.

Therefore, a clogged air filter or clogged fuel injector is major culprit behind such problem.

However, a malfunctioning fuel pressure system also disturbs the process.

It's crucial to get your car checked out right away if your exhaust system ever emits black smoke. Black exhaust smoke indicates excessive fuel use.

You can utilize the services of Service My Car to deal with the black smoke issue.

Why does a car emit blue exhaust smoke?

However, engine oil usually performs the responsibility of lubricating the engine primarily. But, if it starts to burn somehow, a car surely starts to produce blue smoke.

Oil will leak into the combustion chamber and burn due to the worn piston rings or seals on the valve guide.

It becomes necessary to check the engine oil level when you notice blue smoke at tailpipe. A declining level is unmistakably a sign that there is a problem that has been resulting in engine oil burning.

If the damage is severe, fixing the issue might be difficult and costly. However, a small leak could be easily fixed by managing the oil with a quick car oil change. Blue exhaust smoke necessitates immediate attention in either case.

Have a professional inspection performed if your car is emitting blue smoke at a reputable repair shop like Service My Car.

Why does a car emit white or gray exhaust smoke?

As coolant burning produces white smoke, a recurring occurrence of thick white smoke is typically a cause for serious concern.

An important fluid that controls engine temperature is coolant. It must come into contact with an engine component, but if it manages to get inside the cylinder block, the intense heat will likely burn it.

You might have a problem if your exhaust system is spewing out a lot of thick white smoke. This thick smoke is frequently the result of coolant burning because of problems with the engine, such as a cracked engine block, damaged cylinder, or blown head gasket.

A car may occasionally display some signs of light white smoke, especially when starting. The main cause of this kind of white smoke is typically leftover moisture in the exhaust system. Condensation occurs as soon as a car is started, and the tailpipe then emits vapour, which appears as white smoke.

If you notice persistent white smoke, stop your car as soon as you can, turn off the engine, and then dial a car recovery service like Service My Car. You also get a head gasket replacement at one of our nearest workshop. Are you left wondering 'where's the wheel alignment near me in manchester? 'Service My Car is the best solution for you. With Service My Car, you get to benefit from our extensive network as your car is likely to be taken to the best car service center.

What does gray smoke at exhaust tell us about?

The gray smoke also comes out of the tailpipe due to an underlying issue. But, it is hard to diagnose as it might have an automatic transmission fluid issue or excessive oil consumption or even a bad turbocharger, etc.

However, it is always worth looking for a proper diagnosis if you sense any type of smoke. A dense white, black, or blue smoke requires immediate attention as compared to grey smoke.

When unusual fumes are coming from your exhaust, it is usually an indicator that a problem is on the rise, or is currently happening.

Avail services of Service My Car if you doubt the exhaust emission, here you get proper diagnostics and a precise solution of the underlying problem by an expert. Just book a car service or order a car repair quote on our website or app anytime.

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Apart from routine car maintenance, a car’s exterior as well as interior also matter in designating a car’s value. However, if reselling is not a concern, you deserve to drive a car that does not appear outdated, even well ahead of its timeline.

In this scenario, you have to be aware enough to keep your asset so that it does not lose its real attraction even for an extended period of time.

You have probably noticed a substantial fade on many vehicles, especially those that are not taken cared of well.

Although the car paint will fade sometime in future but, you can delay the fading process and can definitely keep the car in its brand new condition by some essential hacks.

To be honest, a car’s exterior is not immune to fading but right and preventive steps usually prove to be effective in a long run. You can preserve the exterior paint while applying some viable hacks.

Let’s have a discussion on the potential threats to a car’s paint.

Along with applying a remedy to a problem, you need to look out for the causes of concern also.

There is a huge list of threats that have an adverse impact on the car‘s exterior.

1. Ultra-violet rays -

The sun's heat, in terms of ultra-violet rays, does the major damage. Oxidation hits hard on paint, as it signifies a chemical reaction of oxygen and metal in the presence of heat.

It is essentially a type of corrosion in which paint dries out as a result of losing its oil content. Although this process happens gradually, the results could be disastrous.

Over a period of time, a car under the influence of oxidation starts to appear dull. Paint loses its shine while colour appears faded and rusty.

Oxidation generally damages the clear coat, which can permanently remove the paint and make the car's body vulnerable to rust.

Remedy for ultraviolet rays - The best way to deal with ultra-violets is to avoid parking directly under the sun. However, if you cannot avoid this completely, try to utilize the car cover.

Besides, some paint coatings offer invaluable resistance against ultra-violet rays. The ceramic coating proves to be a great shield for UV rays as it reflects the UV rays and protects the surface from oxidation.

2. Some chemicals, both invited and uninvited -

When a car hits the road, obviously it is going to deal with the chemicals in the environment. There are plenty of pollutants and biochemical residues. However, a car might receive a lot of damage when they stay for a long time on a car’s surface.

It goes without saying that a car hitting the road will release chemicals into the environment. However, if they remain on a car's surface for a long time, the car could sustain significant damage.

Your car needs frequent car wash, just as people should regularly bath.

If you have been driving your car regularly, it requires regular cleaning. A rested car too needs to get a wash once a fortnight. The finish of your car will deteriorate if you frequently expose it to chemicals.

You must choose a clear coat over your car's paint that will protect it from corrosive chemicals if you want to avoid this.

Remedy for chemicals – In addition to routine washing, there is another task that must be accomplished to prevent the need for car polishing. While hindering the clear coat and removing the protection that is present in your car finish, car polish can temporarily increase gloss. Consequently, the effects of ageing make the car paint quite exposed. If you are facing any problem with your brake pad and you want to know about the brake pad replacement cost uk then you can visit our website and app to get the all details.

3. Environmental waste –

Pollutants are an inclusive part of the environment as your car is exposed to the air, salt, bird droppings, and insects. They can also be part of your car’s paint damage.

However, there might not be a major impact while pollutants stay for some time, but an extended residual is a concern. It surely needs to be taken care of from time to time.

Remedy for environmental waste and bird droppings - There is no way to remove environmental waste, bird droppings, or any other pollutants without a car wash. Therefore, just take these things into consideration. You can take professional help from Service My Car.

Waxing is a far better product than car polishing. Waxing actually adds a new layer on top of the car's finish, providing additional protection over the paint. Waxing won't remove any of the surfaces that are typically caused by abrasion.

However, it is advisable to use wax in excess as it can make change a car’s original look.

Even though you can't stop time from passing and your car's paint will eventually fade, you can definitely slow down this process by giving your car the proper care.

You can also prevent the paint on your car from fading by utilising the services of car detailing at Service My Car. A detailing job includes precise cleaning of the exterior, including wax finish, and some minor repair works at the surface.

Service My Car provides you with a professional car tinting and detailing service so that you can take care of your car properly. Book a car service or order a car repair quote on our website or app anytime.


We all have habits, the good ones and the bad ones. There are benefits of good habits while bad ones will undoubtedly cause us harm. Similar situations arise when driving a car and there is a good chance that poor driving habits will cause unnecessary damage.

It's possible that you've developed some bad driving habits after spending some time behind the wheel unconsciously. Unfortunately, those bad habits can result in accidents and other regrettable outcomes.

Apart from inviting a traffic citation, poor driving can also harm your car. Refresh your driving abilities to keep yourself, your finances, and your vehicle in good shape.

The temptation of parking your vehicle alongside the curb

Most drivers always have that irk of inching close to the curb while parking a vehicle. However, this ends up hurting a car’s tires while closing too much to the curb.

When there is not ample space, it might be necessary, but when there is enough space, there is no reason to run into a curb.

If you have a habit of doing this, your car's tyres won't last very long, and challenges like misalignment and unbalancing arise.

Never unload those extra items out of your car

As you travel outside, you also use your car to transport various items. But you never remember to remove those extra loads until you run out of room.

This is necessary to comprehend how additional items always place additional strain on the transmission, engine, and suspension.

The less your car weighs, the better it will drive, and as an added bonus, you just might see a bump in your gas mileage. So when it isn’t game day, lighten up and leave the kids’ sports equipment behind.

Resting your feet on the clutch pedal

Manual transmission users frequently engage in clutch riding. A novice driver develops a habit of keeping their feet on the clutch even when there is no need. This surely uses the clutch more.

On the other hand, for experienced drivers, it is tempting to keep the clutch engaged at a stoplight to get early acceleration when the light turns green. But doing so puts the clutch at risk of premature wear.

Besides, you can wait for some time by not engaging the clutch and keep your car in neutral.

Ignoring the warning lights

People often do not prefer to pay attention to warning lights or strange noises during a drive. But, you may ignore these things until your next stop at a work shop. If there is a delay in addressing an issue such as an engine or transmission issue, the consequences would be worse and you would end up paying for unnecessary repairs.

Therefore, once your vehicle starts to flicker a warning, just move your vehicle toward the nearest workshop of Service My Car. Are you left wondering 'where's the Mini Service Near Me? 'Service My Car is the best solution for you. With Service My Car, you get to benefit from our extensive network as your car is likely to be taken to the best car service center.

Very few long trips

Short trips are the silent killer for your car's engine, and making numerous trips throughout the day is among the worst things you can do for your car.

You car’s require certain time to warm-up and function properly. If you use your vehicle to commute to office or just some routine chores, consider t take it for a long trip once in a week or fortnight.

It not only helps you get the most out of your gas mileage, but it also preserves the health of your engine.

Besides, short trips are not good for the battery either. A car battery does not get enough time to charge properly and might require a car battery replacement sooner than expected.

Get your car battery replaced at trusted workshop of Service My Car.

Ignorance towards the cleaning and hygiene

Even though your car is a machine, it deserves to have some expectations. One common expectation of a car is a frequent car wash. Cleaning is necessary for you as well as for your car, though. And a clean, hygienic car doubles the enjoyment of a ride.

Additionally, car detailing is beneficial for your vehicle. Detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning both the interior and exterior of a car. The interior of the car must be cleaned of both visible and invisible impurities, and the exterior must be polished to its original, spotless state.

Car sanitization is worthwhile to keep harmful bacteria and viruses away from your ride.

Ownership of your car is your responsibility. So does your car. If you habitually make mistakes, you always end up compensating in terms of repair.

Refuelling only once fuel hits the bottom of tank

However, the fuel price also dictates this aspect when most people only fuel their tank once their fuel tank is about to empty.

It seems normal, but actually, fuel tanks contain a pump to propel fuel to the engine. And, the scarcity of fuel puts pressure on the fuel pump to work extra. This is not a good thing for the fuel pump.

Remember how you treated your new car with care when you first got it? You parked it with care and gave it a weekly wash to keep it looking its best.

Besides, you can take the help of Service My Car to keep your vehicle in top shape. It just requires you to book a car service or order a car repair quote on our website or app anytime.

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Just expect your life without a battery, especially your car. Would you push your vehicle every time it stopped? This is terrible in just a way. However, this is not necessary every time you find yourself in such a situation, but there might be some situations when a car’s battery might stop working for you and the rest you know.

If you are well aware of things related to your car battery, this remains a hypothetical situation when you take action proactively.

However, there might be some questions in mind that surely needs some addressing?

What Is The Typical Battery Age For A Car?

With proper usage, a brand-new battery should last for up to five years. This is a very approximate estimate that depends on numerous variables.

This is an average battery lifespan, though some well-maintained batteries may last longer and some may need to be replaced much earlier.

How much time does a battery hold current?

The answer to this question depends on the condition of a battery. It means a weak battery cannot be expected to hold charges for a long time, and the temperature also plays an important role.

In extreme cold, a normal battery may default in providing the current even for a single crank. Sometimes, it is available for few cranks especially in a bit warm conditions.

Sometimes, there may be a different situation, you battery might be healthy but it is in discharge state due to an accessory that has been left on.

You won't experience any issues if the discharge wasn't too severe because charging will likely restore the battery to its initial condition.

However, if the battery was severely discharged and wasn't in good shape to begin with, you might experience issues and should consider car battery replacement. If your car needs Wheel Alignment Service and you are looking service for an Wheel Alignment Near Me then don’t worry visit Service My Car through the website or app.

How Many Years Does A Battery Stay Intact Without Charging?

A battery might face two conditions in terms if usage. First, it is in use regularly to crank the engine and serve all other accessories. Second, it is in use occasionally few times a year.

Most car batteries in good condition will last at least two weeks when only occasionally used, without the need for you to start the vehicle and drive to recharge it.

It means that if the battery in your car hasn't been charged in at least two weeks, you may need to make arrangements for one. However, these batteries also do not have a long lifespan because they typically fail after three years.

The main issue with conventional batteries is sulphating. It occurs inadvertently and naturally in the battery. Keep in mind that all manufacturers produce car batteries with the intention of proper exploitation rather than storage.

The battery's lifespan will be significantly increased by performing some maintenance and regular charging each year.

What Is Average Span Of Time For A Battery After A Jump Start?

A jump start ensures the cranking of the engine when the battery does not have enough current. However, there are two scenarios to be taken care of. First, consider that the battery does not have any issues and discharged due to the parasitic drain or if the car is not in use for one or two weeks.

In such a scenario, you have to drive your car for 50 km after jump start so that your car’s battery can get back to its proper charging state.

Second scenario considers a weak battery and you can jump start the same. But, the current would not stay more than fifteen minutes even after charging your battery for a considerable time. This requires you to go for a fresh piece of battery.

When Does It Require Replacing The Battery In A Car?

Being stranded anywhere on the road without assistance due to a dead battery could be a bad experience.

Nobody wants to deal with an unexpected battery. For this reason, it's crucial to regularly change and check your car's battery. You should aim to replace your battery once every three to five years in order to maintain battery health and prevent battery failure.

How Do You Know That I Need A Battery Replacement?

The dashboard warning light is the simplest sign of a weak battery. Another sign is if your car's engine starts to crank slowly when you turn the key. This indicates that your battery is getting close to the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced.

Additionally, you can look under the hood to check the fluid in your battery. A low level is a telltale sign that a battery is dying. To deal with such a situation, you can seek the assistance of an expert.

Does A Battery Need Some Sort Of Maintenance?

Now, battery maintenance does not require filling it with water to maintain the acid level. However, it does require maintenance in terms of charging.

It means you should not leave your car battery discharged for a long time, as its cells start to deteriorate. However, a regular charge proves to be a saviour for a battery and keeps it functioning well for a long duration.

Besides, you can ask for an inspection of your car’s battery during routine car maintenance. However, our support staff will help you with any queries for car repair and quote requests for car service.


Ever wonder how the air conditioning system in your car works to cool the interior? There is a refrigerant, or gas, that is principally responsible for the cool air in your car’s cabin.

Why does your aircon gas matter? Well, that’s because it typically depletes over a period of time from heavy, or prolonged usage and eventually needs to be refilled. The service that entails refilling your aircon refrigerant is more commonly referred to as – aircon regas.

You might assume that one of the air conditioners components is broken if there is a lack of cooling. However, there might not be enough gas in the system. As a result, it's important to understand what a system's lack of refrigerant means, and when it might need an air con regas service.

With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the biggest tell-tale signs of when you might need an aircon regas.

When your air conditioner only blows warm air

The air blowing from the vents cannot be sufficiently cooled by a low refrigerant level, as is quite obvious. This pressurised refrigerant is circulated throughout your car's air conditioning system. Performance is eventually impacted when the amount falls too low.

The absence of refrigerant alone, however, cannot be the only cause of poor cooling. To be sure that a refrigerant is being used at the correct level, it is best to have an inspection by a professional.

When there’s a visual sign of leakage

Since a major reason behind a low level of refrigerant might be a considerable leak, it’s best to keep tabs on any signs of leaks around your car. If there is any leak, you can find the spots around the compressor.

Sometimes, it could leak inside the cabin of your car. If you find any such leaks, you would instinctively search for ‘air con regas near me’ on Google. However, it’s a no-brainer. Simply choose Service My Car for your next aircon regas.

When there’s an improper engagement of the clutch

Once you turn on your car air conditioner, there is always a witty sound of clutch engagement. Why does the clutch engage? Obviously, an air conditioner depends on the engine for the necessary power.

However, this requires the help of a clutch so that the compressor may start and pressurize the refrigerant to make the air cool before entering into the vents. But, if there is a low level of refrigerant, the clutch refuses to engage after reading the low level of refrigerant.

You cannot survive in those oppressive conditions without an air conditioner, especially when driving. When you turn on the air conditioner, though, and the vents are still blowing warm air, it is nothing short of a nightmare.

Initially, cooling falls slowly and as you use your air conditioner more, it may eventually stop cooling at all. Regular maintenance is necessary for an air conditioner to operate at its best, but many of us forget to do it.

However, it is not hard to maintain an air conditioner and not too expensive. But, you have to take proper action.

What do you understand by aircon regas?

Car aircon regas is the process of refilling or replacing the refrigerant with the help of a machine. There is a good chance of a low level of refrigerant after a point of time or it may lack its capacity of cooling.

You can go for an aircon regas if there is a lack of cooling from your car’s air conditioner on a consistent basis. However, a lack of cooling might be due to another underlying issue. If you would like to be sure about the genuine issue, it is better to arrange an inspection by an expert at Service My Car.

If there is no doubt that the air conditioner is low on refrigerant level, you might end up looking for aircon regas.

How to regas the air con?

The best way to get your vehicle a fresh lease of refrigerant is to approach a trusted mechanic, such as the affable folks over at Service My Car.

How long does air con regas take?

The entire process of flushing and refilling an aircon gas tank takes about an hour.

How much does air conditioning regas cost?

If you have a question such as, how much is air conditioning regas? It is necessary to understand a few things. The cost of air conditioning regas depends on various factors, such as where you opt for the service or the type of refrigerant you opt for.

To make things as simple as possible for you, we have a FREE and INSTANT quote system that lets you get the price for any repair you want in a jiffy! Simply request an aircon regas quote at Service My Car, and we’ll take care of all the fluff.

Keeping the intensity of heat in mind, an air con regas is a worthwhile investment. From car servicing to car repairs, Service My Car does it all for you.

We’re the best automotive service providers in the whole of Northwest England. This means that if you’re looking for a car AC repair in Manchester, or you’re looking for an aircon regas in Bolton, Service My Car is your best bet.

Request an aircon regas quote today at Service My Car.

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First things first – it is impossible to completely prevent some component in your car from wearing out. But there are enough ways to make them last longer.

The clutch is the foundation of a manual transmission system. It will eventually wear out naturally, but some foolish driving habits can also impair performance and reduce the clutch's lifespan.

By choosing a few crucial hacks, you can make an effort to keep your clutch in good condition for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to update yourself with some things that might prove to be helpful in the long run.

Keep Your Clutch Clean

There are many different types of contamination that can affect your clutch's performance. Dirt, mud, grime, and water are just some of the biggest culprits when it comes to clutches. As long as they're kept clean, clutches should last much longer than normal.

A regular maintenance schedule involving the changing of the filter and occasional cleaning with soap and water will keep your clutch running smoothly.

Use Good Quality Grease

Any friction material needs lubrication to work properly. Grease makes sure the parts stay smooth and lubricated as they move back and forth. High-quality lubrication has been specially formulated to provide optimal performance and longevity.

Get Rid Of Bad Components Early

Bad things like oil leaks, worn out clutch plates, and slipping clutches can cause damage to your vehicle. Oil leaks and worn clutch plates aren't always immediately apparent, but they are sure to become problems later down the road.

If you notice any of these issues, get them fixed now while they're still relatively inexpensive. Besides, as a driver, there is enough chances of developing some bad habits. However, you can overcome these habits with introspection here easily.

Keep Your Foot Off Of the Clutch

Unknowingly, many drivers develop this habit of keeping a foot over the clutch pedal. This bad habit contributes substantially to premature wear and tear.

However, changing a habit is tough, but it is fruitful. The clutch assembly goes through the unnecessary strain and wear if your left foot is constantly resting on the clutch.

A clutch pedal should be fully depressed or leave free. Anything in between at any time will unquestionably reduce its lifespan.

Learn To Use the Clutch Pedal Smoothly

When it comes to applying force to a clutch pedal, don't use so much pressure that your foot starts throbbing. Over tightening your clutch will wear it out faster than normal.

There will be need of pressing the clutch pedal now and then. And, you have to be conscious about using a clutch properly.

However, it is a skill and requires time to become comfortable. People often develop this habit during their initial days of driving.

Avoid Using Your Clutch Too Much While Idling On Uphill

A good habit is to use the parking brake or hand brake while stuck on an inclination rather than keeping your vehicle in gear and using your clutch engagement. The clutch and gear box will be put under a lot of stress if you simply keep the clutch depressed and roll backward while you wait for first gear to engage.

If you live in an area where these instances occur frequently, it is quite possible that you will end up looking for clutch replacement near me well before the speculated time.

Avoid Using Brake and Clutch Simultaneously For an Intended Slow Down

When slowing down, people often get into the habit of simultaneously pressing the clutch and brake.

Additionally, it is a secret fact that releasing the clutch early while applying the brakes results in a loss of braking power. The clutch should only be engaged when shifting gears if you want to slow down.

These suggestions should be quite helpful for your car’s clutch. But, you will have to go for a clutch replacement at some point in the future. Therefore, it is obvious that you are concerned about the clutch replacement cost.

How Much Is a Clutch Replacement in the UK?

For a clutch replacement cost UK type of deal, you can request a FREE and INSTANT quote at Service My Car. We have the best UK workshop and the cheapest UK car parts in our expansive automotive maintenance network.

How Much Is a Clutch Replacement?

To find out the clutch replacement cost, simply request a quote on the Service My Car website or app. Our extensive car parts network will ensure you get the best parts at highly competitive rates!

You can avail the best clutch replacement UK has to offer at Service My Car. A clutch should not be taken for granted because it is a necessary accessory. Timely action, whether it is maintenance or a part replacement, proves to be very beneficial in the long run.

Preventive measures and some behavioural adjustments are beneficial for a clutch and may prevent you from needing a clutch replacement too soon.

Service My Car should be your first choice if you require professional help with clutch maintenance.

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Seals and gaskets are very basic but essential parts of a machine. A car cannot be assumed to exist without gaskets and seals because of their critical role in lubricant and fluid protection.

From front to back, there are various gaskets and seals present. Each of them has a special function, and they act as the guardians of various liquid restrictions invisibly.

However, the most critical gasket around the engine is the head gasket. It is worthwhile to gain knowledge about the head gasket while a worn gasket might be responsible for substantial damage under the hood.

What Is A Head Gasket?

To comprehend the head gasket function in engine, it is necessary to understand the basic structure of an engine. It can divide into two parts where lower part is cylinder block while upper one is head.

While the head is in charge of having the valves, spark plugs, camshaft, etc., the cylinder block houses the cylinder and the pistons. Both elements must be mutually exclusive in order to work properly together.

It implies that they require some sort of cushion between them so that coolant or engine oil cannot seep inside the cylinder. A head gasket fulfils the requirement for a cushion while restricting the coolant as well as engine oil from leaking into the cylinders.

On the other hand, it does not only regulate the coolant and engine oil, but it directs the harmful gases to the exhaust system rather than leaking under the hood. If there is engine involved, you can understand the value of a head gasket. In case it goes blown, there are enough chances of catastrophic engine damage.

However, the signs of a blown head gasket are fairly simple to recognise, and it needs to be fixed right away to avoid further damage. You can learn more about the head gasket in this article, including how to recognise when it fails.

Heat is a head gasket's main threat. While the engine is running, it is challenging to remove the heat. To make things cooler, however, there is coolant. When coolant is scarce, things start to go wrong. A system leak of some kind could cause a coolant to go short.

An engine cannot stop producing heat once there is not enough cooling. In addition, some gasket materials have lesser life than others. Some metal gaskets have a higher rate of thermal expansion, which causes premature wear and tear.

On the other hand, a modification to the cylinder head frequently affects the gasket's ability to provide a reliable seal. The deterioration of the gaskets is also significantly influenced by age. After some time, they start to lose capacity and quality.

Keeping the importance of engine process in mind, a gasket is not something that you should neglect. A deteriorated gasket cannot maintain the pressure that is probably highlighted in lack of engine power.

Additionally, oil and coolant passageways might start to leak in unintended places. Engine overheating may result from coolant entering the combustion chambers, which mixes and dilutes the engine oil and reduces the cooling capacity of the cooling system.

How Do You Find Out About A Deteriorated Head Gasket?

A vehicle needs three essential fluids for its operations, fuel, engine oil and coolant. However, fuel is allowed into the combustion chamber while others are not. As already discussed, a head gasket sealer offers this facility. A blown gasket lacks in its capacity of resistance. And, if there is any infiltration inside the combustion chamber, there would be these consequences.

  1. Engine usually starts to overheat due to lack of coolant and infiltration of hydrocarbon inside cooling system

  2. Densely coloured smoke at exhaust is quite common, it can be while, blue or grey in nature.

  3. A malfunctioning combustion chamber cannot perform internal combustion properly. Therefore, you mind end up with lack of power.

  4. You find certain discoloration of engine oil due the coolant mixing.

These tell-tale signs offer enough hint if there is any head gasket issue. However, there should be no hesitation in opting for an inspection at a reliable service centre.

How Much To Repair A Head Gasket?

If you have any concern about what sort of head gasket repair cost UK has, look no further than Service My Car. You can get a free and instant quote for your head gasket repair on the Service My Car website or app.

All your head gasket repair cost cost fears will be assuaged as we guarantee competitive repair prices by offering the UK’s best car repair quotes. Service My Car is your trusted car maintenance solution. Request a head gasket repair quote today.

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You’re out on the road and you find that instead of driving straight, your car starts to steer away to one side of road. If you are aware of the issue, wheel misalignment is undoubtedly on your mind.

But if you are new to four-wheel driving, wheel alignment would not be your cup of tea. Vehicle maintenance procedures like wheel alignment are quite common.

But, the majority of people might not know more while they simply drive to a service centre and ask a mechanic to fix their alignment.

However, it is worthwhile to keep yourself informed about a service that enables you to save money on fuel while protecting your tyres from accelerated wear and tear.

What Is a Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment signifies the position of the wheels in relation to the surface as well as the axle. In simple terms, a proper alignment requires the wheels to be perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other to drive in a straight direction.

It indicates that the wheels should be properly adjusted to one another at particular angles, specifically directed in a straight direction while being securely aligned to an axle.

Over time, uneven riding while navigating bumps and potholes can often disturb the wheel alignments. This is common with excessive driving on the roads of Manchester.

These alignments can be configured back with the help of certain tools during a wheel alignment service. Additionally, the suspension system must be correctly configured and positioned, along with a few parts that need to be adjusted.

However, this process also involves precisely setting the steering wheel's centre and adjusting all suspension angles that influence the movement and placement of the tyres.

It requires certain skills and many people end up looking for wheel alignment services. It is necessary to update your knowledge about when you would need a wheel alignment service.

How Do You Know That Your Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignment?

A car does not always get an even surface. There might be some usual surface on the road, most commonly, road bumps or potholes, etc.

However, there is no way to skip such hurdles, and sometimes you accidently cross over them and end up hurting the adjustments. The alignment of the wheel with the axle can also be disturbed by a minor.

It is necessary to develop an understanding of the condition when your car’s wheel alignment starts to be disturbed. However, a wheel misalignment cannot be felt in the initial stage until it develops substantially.

But, it is worth it to counter such a problem to prevent a number of unnecessary repairs. These are a few points to look out for to assess an issue with alignment.

The sensation of persistent vibrations while riding on a smooth surface is another indicator of a misaligned wheel. Uneven tread wear and tear on the front tyres is the most obvious indication that a car's wheels are out of alignment.

Typically, the tyres' wear and tear can be seen on the inside or outside. Your car has started to drag one side of the road when the problem has turned into a severe issue.

These signs surely intimate an issue with the wheel alignment of a vehicle. However, it depends on you how you react after finding an occurrence of the issue.

Naturally, you should not delay searching for ‘wheel alignment near me’ on Google as this ends up costing you more than enough to pay for an alignment.

As it is stated above, misaligned wheels always prove to be the main culprit behind premature wear and tear of tyres. They tend to have a shorter life than normal.

Due to the uneven tyre wear, this has an impact on reduced fuel efficiency as well. Additionally, a car drags in one direction in spite of driving straight that causes additional pressure on engine. And, you end up paying extra money for the increased fuel consumption.

If any of the following problems occur, you should have the wheel alignment checked. However, you might be concerned about the wheel alignment cost.

How Much Does a wheel alignment cost?

A wheel alignment does not require a hefty amount. But, it requires a quick reaction from you to drive a vehicle to a reliable service centre such as Service My Car.

Get personalised quotes that take your make, model, and vehicle condition into consideration when you check for a wheel alignment quote at Service My Car.

Besides, it is quite natural to go for a car wheel alignment once you notice a sign. But, you are one of those who believe in preventive maintenance. Obtain a check once or twice a year.

Regular checkups help to mitigate the further development of the problem if it is fixed on time. The cars generally go out of alignment gradually. At the initial stage, you won’t realise that the wheels have been disturbed until it starts to impact the driving, engine and fuel consumption.

You might be impressed by the craftsmanship of a car that greatly serves you. However, it also needs regular maintenance, so you'll need a dependable service provider.

Service My Car is the trustworthy service provider for all your automotive needs. With a vast and expansive car service network that runs across Northwest England, you can get the best wheel alignment Manchester has to offer from Service My Car.

Most car owners in the UK are aware of the car oil change that generally happens during routine service. However, they might not be updated with the nitty-gritty of car oil.

Numerous misconceptions about types of oil and the timing of an oil change service have been around for a while now. It is better to comprehend about real facts while getting a proper value of money spent.

Besides, the lifespan of engine oil is affected by a number of variables. Even high quality engine oil might need a premature replacement if it is used by a vehicle with an aged engine. Even the adverse weather conditions of a region like the UK could affect your engine oil.

Even if you drive in hot weather conditions, it surely affects the quality of your engine oil. In this regard, there might be some questions that might arise in your mind. You can find proper explanations about engine oil here.

How Often Do I Change The Oil In My Car?

There are numerous brands of cars with different engines available in the automotive industry. This information leads us to believe that an engine may have particular needs for engine oil.

In addition, the quality of the engine oil being used is also influenced by the driving conditions. An engine experiences significant stress in densely populated areas because of traffic, stop-and-go, potholes, etc.

The majority of engine oil experts concur that the ideal interval for changing your car's oil is between 7,500 and 10,000 kilometres.

If you don't drive much, there is also the option of getting an oil change, which calls for you to look for engine oil for my car once every 12 months.

Additionally, it depends on the driving habits of the individual. Many people enjoy accelerating occasionally, even when they are not required to.

What’s the Best Engine Oil for My Car?

However, the majority of us do not believe that learning about engine oil is necessary. However, if something costs you money at least once a year, you need to keep yourself informed.

The degree of viscosity, which determines the thickness of engine oil, is used to categorise engine oils. You usually find a pair of numbers, such as 0W-40 and 15W-40, on the bottle of engine oil.

This number highlights the viscosity and the thickness of oil. If you take 10W-30 and analyze it, the number 10W signifies the viscosity of engine oil at extremely cold temperatures, and the number 30 is the thickness of engine oil at a hundred degrees Celsius.

It means that if you opt for 0W-40, there would be no problem in starting a car in extreme cold while 15W-40 is best in the high temperature conditions.

In general, the engine oil flows through the motor more readily the lower the Low Winter (W) viscosity.

Besides, engine oil is classified into three categories. They differ in the capability of lubrication while providing protection to the engine’s components.

Synthetic oil - It offers a high level of lubrication to vehicles that are put under high levels of stress due to environmental conditions. If you drive a vehicle in dense traffic regularly and it also travels substantially, synthetic oil is a good choice for lubrication to keep wear and tear away. However, fully synthetic oil stays in good condition for even 10,000 KM.

Semi-Synthetic Oil - As the name suggests, it possesses less capability of lubrication as compared to fully synthetic oil. However, it is best for vehicles that do travel an average distance in a year. However, it costs less in comparison to a fully synthetic one.

You can opt for the semi-synthetic oil if you use your vehicle less often, for example, to travel to and from work.

Mineral Oil - It is the best lubricant for a vehicle that does very little travelling in a year. However, it proves to be very cost-effective in terms of price. The mineral oil lacks lubrication capability as compared to the synthetic engine oil.

These are the basics of the engine oil; you can choose one based on the requirements. However, it is worth assessing the situation if you are looking for a car oil change near me. However, you can also get the help of a professional at Service My Car.

How Do I Change The Oil In My Car?

Once you are sure about the type of engine oil. Now you would try to change the engine oil. However, there are certain steps to follow to properly complete the process.

First locate the engine oil tube under the hood. And, you have to open the bonnet.

  1. Next, open the filler cap and remove the dipstick.

  2. Now, you have to empty the oil pan before filling it again.

  3. It requires losing the oil drain plug and waiting for some time until the old oil drains completely.

  4. Once all the oil is drained, place the drain plug back in with a proper seal.

  5. Now you can easily fill the fresh engine oil through the engine oil tube.

Car oil change is not a complicated task, but it is better to opt for professional service because you cannot drain the oil pan properly as it requires precise cleaning too.

Enlist the services of the professionals at Service My Car to get the best car service Bolton has to offer. Whether you’re in for a basic oil change in Manchester, or you need more intensive engine repair in Bolton, Service My Car does it all.

Service My Car assists with your quality car maintenance if you have any concerns. If you ever find yourself searching for ‘the best oil for my car’, don’t hesitate to download the Service My Car app and start your car maintenance journey today.

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Everything around us is obscured in some way. When you look closely, the facts become clearer. Many of us would not be too familiar about a car battery other than the fact that it supplies the current required to start a vehicle.

As a result, it's important to update your knowledge of certain aspects of a car battery. These things will undoubtedly assist you in maintaining your car battery and making the best use of it.

While assessing various circumstances of car battery utilisation, one critical situation that anyone can encounter is a dead battery.

A dead battery signifies a condition when a battery has lost all its current and cannot provide charge for any other activity, including cranking the engine or running the accessories.

There might be many questions about a dead car battery. We have collected a few of them to shed some light on the facts.

We are backed by expert advice from the UK's leading mechanics. Without further ado, let us look at the facts.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

A traditional car battery in the UK has a dependable and problem-free lifespan of about three years regardless of the warranty.

However, a battery might last longer and be able to serve you for up to five years. But, a battery's extended life depends on the maintenance and driving habits of the owner.

A car that receives less driving usually experiences an early call for car battery replacement as compared to a car that goes for long drives frequently.

Apart from that, the quality of a battery plays its role; an inferior quality of battery cannot provide expected performance when it is measured against a good quality battery.

However, there would be a difference in the car battery price. A battery may start to show hints if it has started to approach the end of its life span.

You may start to experience a frequent occurrence of a dead battery, especially in the cold winter mornings that you may experience here in Manchester.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Car Battery?

First question that comes into the mind about a dead battery is the duration of time it will take to recharge back. However, there are alternatives available once there is a situation that demands a recharge of the battery.

It is better to use a car battery charger to get battery back on track. A car battery can typically be fully charged in 2 to 4 hours using a 20 Amp charger while a 4 Amp charger takes 12 to 24 hours to fully charge a dead battery.

The car battery and the charger's power output have a significant impact on how long it takes to charge. An important thing should you keep in mind that fast charging shortens the life of your battery and can cause damage.

The best way to extend the battery's life is to charge it for a long time at a low amp rate. However, all these things depend on your requirements, your driving habits, and the general climatic conditions present in the UK.

How Long Does A Car Battery Last Without Driving?

This is common that a battery is charged by an alternator that is driven by an engine. However, there might be some doubt about how much time a battery stands charged without driving after getting fully charged.

A well-doing battery may last up to two weeks if you do not drive it in this period. It can easily crank your engine. On the other hand, you cannot expect this time from an aged battery.

However, you can never be sure about such a battery and when you will have to recharge it or even need a jump start. Even the best automobile batteries eventually start to deteriorate in terms of their performance.

If you won't alert your workshop on time, there are enough chances of you searching for queries like 'car battery near me' on Google.

How to Disconnect a Battery?

If you have been out of station for a considerable amount of time, it is worth to disconnect a battery. An idle battery is not a good idea as it starts to damage when connected with the vehicle.

It might go fully discharged while it will take time to charge it full again. However, you can follow these steps to disconnect your car battery easily.

Locate the battery: Just open the hood, and a battery is always visible to the eyes easily.

Identify the negative and positive terminals: The battery terminals are marked with positive and negative mark.

Select the proper wrench: In most batteries, cables are connected to the terminals with the help of nuts and bolts. Therefore, you need a set of wrenches to make the nuts and bolts loose enough so that they can be removed easily.

Remove the battery from its place: Once you disconnect the cable, the battery can be easily removed. However, keep one thing in mind; remove any clamp if there is one there to hold the battery.

Hope this explanation sheds enough light on the question that might come to one's mind. However, a car also needs another battery apart from the normal one under the hood. It is the car's key battery.

If you have been noticing a dip in performance while centre-locking your car, there is a need for car key battery replacement. You can get all your battery troubles sorted with a quick message to Service My Car.

Service My Car is the UK's leading car maintenance solution, with online or app booking, free collection and delivery, and so much more, all available on a highly intuitive smartphone app.

From car battery replacement in Manchester, to flat battery assistance in Bolton, we do it all. Book a service package, request a repair quote, or get an MOT test at Service My Car and avail the best car repair Manchester has to offer.

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The cars are meant to run smoothly on the road, even at high speeds. However, a vehicle such as a car might develop some sort of issues over the years. One such issue is vibration. It is something that does not come into knowledge suddenly, but it matures over time until you start to experience it considerably.

A vibrating car does not seem too serious, but it is something that you should not take lightly. Such issues might turn into something serious over time as they may be combined with wear and tear. It generally results in shaking and staggering.

It could be serious as your comfortable ride on the smoothest road might turn into such a bad experience that you won't expect.

However, there is nothing to worry about as most of the root cause behind a car vibration is quite simple. You can make them repaired without much headache. However, you should dig deep to learn the root cause of the car's vibration issue. Read on these following points to get to know about the issues.

Issues with Car's Axles and Driveshaft

A car completely relies on the axles to bear the load of the vehicle. It is a long shaft that attaches your wheels while rotating by the power of the transmission.

However, they are made of durable and solid material, but the axles might get hurt by collisions, crossing the speed bump or putting your car in an uneven gutter.

In case, your car sustains a bent during an incident, it eventually starts to experience the vibration as the bent axle cannot offer an even rotation. However, it might develop as the speed increases.

Another major part that might be a cause behind the vibration of your car is the driveshaft. It connects the engine to the axles to transfer the power. However, if it is damaged or bent, it generates some sort of vibration in a vehicle.

However, the vibration is not a big issue but it surely highlights some sort of problem with the parts of your car. In case, you wish to learn about the problems with your car, utilize the car scanning and diagnostics at Service My Car at the earliest. If you are looking for any type of Car Service or Repair, Service My Car provides you free pickup and delivery plus full car servicing at the nearest Porsche Repair Manchester service center.

Misalignment or Shaky Wheel of Your Vehicle

However, your car's misaligned wheels might cause some vibration. A misalignment generally forces a car to drift at one side while it may cause your car's steering to shake a bit. It does not take a great effort for wheel alignment as you have to approach a reliable service centre.

Besides, some wheels can be wholly responsible for the entire vibration in your vehicle. A wheel might have loose lug nuts at the hub that might cause vibration to your car while driving at high speeds. Apart from that, there are worn-out wheel bearings that might be the reason behind your car's vibration.

Besides, the wheels may lose their balance which can cause a sheer vibration, especially under higher RPMs. In general, a wheel has to rotate with an even weight distribution along with the axels while an uneven weight might not able to rotate properly. It might cause vibration in your vehicle.

Few Engine Troubles

It might seem awkward, but there are engine issues behind the vibration in your car. In case your car experiences a vibration while accelerating the vehicle.

However, an engine cause shaking due to a clogged fuel filter, improper supply of fuel mixture to the combustion chamber or when the engine does not get enough air.

In case, the vibration happens once you try to accelerate or after driving for a substantial time. It is surely due to the engine having issues with one or more parts of your car.

If you have this sort of issue along with the vibration, never delay an engine diagnosis to find out the real cause. You can avail the services of Service My Car to get your vehicle back in such a condition to hit the road with comfort. Our experts offer you the engine diagnosis or a car engine repair at very affordable rates.

Tyre Troubles

The most genuine cause behind the vibration of your vehicle is the car tyre issue. Let's have a detailed look at the issues that might produce the vibration. In case, your car starts to vibrate once it reaches a certain speed, it is surely a tyre imbalance. However, a tyre imbalance might be corrected by a technician to gain your car balance.

Besides, if you have escaped your tyre rotation, it is sure that there are uneven wear and tears to the tyres. And, your car might start at a substantial speed. Moreover, a tyre may go out of its shape due to many underlines reasons. Such an ousted shape might start to vibrate.

One more reason behind your car vibration is the improper inflation of the tyres. If a car sustains the improper inflation, it can drift to the one side while you may feel some sort of vibration at the steering or even the whole vehicle too.

Initially, the vibration does not feel as severe, but it may develop over the year. Sometimes, you may have to deal with serious issues such as suspension or engine damage.

However, you should not overlook these vibrations from your car and get in touch with a specialist at Service My Car as soon as possible. Just call us or book a car service online.

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