If they need to enter the UK for a limited period of time or Entrepreneur Visa Extension for some business-related purposes, non-UK nationals from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland may apply for a Business Visitor visa. EEA and Swiss citizens may not need a visa to visit the United Kingdom.

If you have formed a UK limited company and plan to travel to the UK to open a business bank account, meet with service providers and vendors, or conduct site visits, you will require a visa. If you have British citizenship or dual nationality, you cannot apply for this kind of UK visa. Instead, you must apply for British citizenship under these circumstances. Visa for Business Visitors A Business Tourist visa is valid for up to 6 months or 1 year for academic travellers, but if you spend less than 6 months in the UK, you can apply to extend your visa. If you need to visit the UK on a regular basis for a longer period of time, you can apply for a long-term visit visa if you can demonstrate the need. This form of visa can be valid for one, two, five, or ten years and allows you to stay for up to six months per visit. Learn more about UK Sponsorship Licence.

How long would it take to get a visa for the United Kingdom? You may apply for a Business Visitor visa online up to three months before your intended travel date to the United Kingdom. The waiting time for a visa application is usually 3 weeks, but processing times differ depending on when you submit your application. How to Get Started You must be outside of the United Kingdom, to qualify for your visa. You'll have to: Create an account on the internet. Fill out the questionnaire in English. The visa charge can be paid online. As part of your application, you must pay a healthcare surcharge. Fill out the questionnaire on paper. Have an appointment at a visa application centre and show up. Both supporting papers for the UK visa must be originals and photocopies. If any supporting materials are not in English, translate them and include them with the originals. If necessary, get a tuberculosis (TB) exam. Within 10 days of your confirmed arrival date in the UK, collect your biometric residency permit. Documentation required When applying for a visa, you would be required to submit a series of papers. These can differ depending on whether you are endorsed by a UK higher education institution (HEI) or UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) (UKTI). However, in most cases, these would include: A valid passport or other type of travel identification is required. 1 or 2 full-size colour passport images A letter of recommendation from a UK HEI or UKTI is needed. a copy of your academic certification certificate Bank accounts to show that you have enough money to support yourself Test findings for tuberculosis You must provide proof that you are fluent in English. All records that are not in English or Welsh must be certified translated.

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