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How do you write a good case study?

The writing procedure of a case study is as per the following:

1. Determine the sort, style, and configuration: To start with, a case study is based on the targetted audience. Recognize the audience you are doing your case study for and then determine the sort of case study to be done, its style and structure. Regardless of whether the audience is your kindred students or the general open, or you are leading a cumulative or critical case study, it ought to give factual information.

The reason for a case study is to analyze a case or a situation that will reveal factual information and factors.

2. Come up with a topic: Once you know your stance and angle, you have to discover a topic for your case study. Understand the situation and the problem that you have to direct your reserach for and also recognize the case site.

It is important for you to narrow down a topic to a place where you have a particular problem to examine and talk about.

3. Research: When you have a course as a topic and some particular focuses to talk about, direct your reserach to gather information. Experience the already existing case concentrates on similar topics to perceive how others have done it.

4. Pick a sample to study: Select participants or gathering of individuals for a meeting. The individuals ought to have a place with a similar field of study and are knowledgeable. It is dependent upon the writer to choose an individual or a gathering for a meeting. Gather as a lot of information as conceivable to draft an impactful case study.

5. Rundown down the inquiries: The inquiries to be posed from the participants ought to be written down before a meeting to clearly realize what to ask. Whichever meeting type you are taking, be clear about your inquiries. Hear the interviewees thoughts on the topic.

6. Prepare open-finished inquiries: Questions whose answers can be given in a straightforward "yes" or "no" can not give you explanation and information that you have to add in your case study. So ask open-finished inquiries to get something other than a "yes" or "no".

7. Organize the gathered data: After gathering the information and answers organize it such that you know which information merits going in the case study. Analyze each snippet of information present in any structure.

8. Formulate the problem: After analyzing the data, formulate the problem or the topic in a sentence or two. This will be the thesis statement that is to be demonstrated by the case study.

9. Outline: All of the data gathered is to be isolated into four parts:

  • Introduction: This set up for your case study. You can throe an inquiry here or a statement from your meeting.
  • Background information: Provide information about why the particular case study was created. This reveals a touch of information about your topic to the readers.
  • Presentation of discoveries: Present the thesis statement and the data gathered that demonstrates your stance and the main argument. Here the information obtained from meetings will be added.

Tell the audience the discoveries you saw from the information and back up your claim to demonstrate it right.

  • Conclusion: In conclusion segment, give the potential solutions to the problems. Try not to leave your audience in disarray. Make sure you have a solid grasp by introducing great information.

10. Add references: Cite all the sources you gave in your case study to give it validity and authenticity. The value of adding an appendix in your case study is of great importance.

11. Proofread and Edit: Always reexamine and proofread what you have written. This is to make sure that there are no blunders in the substance and to guarantee its adequacy. Make altering if there are mistakes before presenting your case study.

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