Interesting name you have, Blake Beckett !

Are you an everyday person ? Do you work for the city of San Jose, or for Granicus, or for, elite writings review ?


oh yeah. thanks for the compliment.

With the help of Ca. state, legal precedents, in civil rights and civil protections, in the last few years, of the Obama Admin.-

Check out the work, now developing, by the city of Oakland, and the county of Santa Clara, and a growing list of Bay Area, California, and national cities, starting to create better guidelines and accountability for the future of tech., surveillance and data collection, in their local areas.

The ACLU, and the city of Oakland, would be good places for you to begin looking.

This is where things started, And, there is still, a very good idealism in Oakland, to work on, what is possible, at this time. The city of Oakland, OPAC commission, is just the tip, of a series of measures, introduced to Oakland.

With beginning lessons from Oakland, and the ACLU, among others, the county of Santa Clara, created the first, official, practical working model, for a guideline process, in how the future of tech. in a community, can be a more open, democratic process.

It is about responsibility, and better reasoning . It is to signal, we are at an end, of an era of war, and 9//11/01. And, at the beginning of a time, of what can be, more holistic ideas, of peace, community, local democracy, and sustainability. 

I am mostly, an inexperienced foot solider, just trying to pass along, the good word .Good luck, in your search. 

i have felt, there is not much of a problem, on my end, with this page -care to better explain ? i also don't have hard drive, as ckdsk windows, may ask to trouble shoot.


thanks for your comment, Mr. Runjhun.


Thank you Mr. Runjhun, for your Granicus post, four months ago.

Santa Clara County, is starting to release to the public, actual working models, of the surveillance & technology ordinance.

You can begin to find, on the public website, of the Santa Clara County, Board of Supervisors, beginning from at least, August 28, 2018, on pg. 860.

Each month, on their public agendas, they are offering, a growing list of county technology, that is being, acknowledged, itemized, & inventoried.

It is now, a more open process, to more easily describe, to both the public and county govt. workers, the individual pieces, of county technology tools and apps - the intentions around, why to collect the data, of a particular piece of tech., how long its data storage process, will be, and how, both, public and county workers, can have access to the data.

I feel it is a process, that can help transition this country, from an era of war, into a return, to the better reasoning, and better democratic ideals, of this country.


to maria daniel & funny jokes,

My own personal ego, may never attain, the incredibly thoughtfulness & mellowness, that is possible, with the very well organized, open, democratic process. I am trying to speak of, during the open forum process, of s.j. council/committee meetings. I am learning this can be o.k.

As a company, that is advertising a product, it is interesting you have noticed, some of my own personal flaws, and short falls.

I am tempted by your offers.

But I may be content, at this time, in what I am lacking, and cannot accomplish, now, may have a good purpose, somewhere down the road, in my life.

Write back, in non-advertising terms, if you want to continue, to wax poetically.

To offer a few more words,

I feel the work, I am trying to describe, at this time, among many things, can work as a good bridge, if needed.

As broader, larger ideas, of a democracy, as a republic, where one voice often represents, a thousand people at a time.

Can now work towards, more simple, well organized ideas, that can better create, the concept of the singular, individual voice, being able, to more add to, a community democratic process.


A pretty accurate way to describe how I am working.

It is partly, a beginners luck.

If this place is respected, it becomes a good part, of how everyone's voice, can be respected, in the democratic process.

And as everyone has, a good voice, at some level, to add to the democratic process, that is all of us.

Thanks for your words.

  • blair.

Robert Waderagm -

Your words, just made for some happiness.

Thank you, if I read your words, correctly.

Did you just write, I should learn to write my words, in espanol.?

A ayudar, yo escribo, mi palabras, en espanol ?

I would also like, 头 write in Chinese, 爱上 well。

Thank you again, for your words.

To hold people accountable, can really help transition, ourselves, this country, from an era of war, into a more peaceful, sustainable future.

The work I am around, can ask for peace, and an end to war, again.

And allow everyday people to participate, in the better ideas, of the democratic process.

sincerely, blair beekman.


Thank you huzaifa seo, for your words. Your words of, ' go through info', is new to myself, and describe well.

The words of wooden furniture, can make for a good international connection, between us. Thank you.

Peace is now allowed and possible, in the u.s.

How do we grow it well .


For better or worse I don't play chess. But it can be, quite a life style