Mayor Liccardo and City Council Members; I am an Affordable Housing provider who understands that we are ALL in this war together against the Covid-19 Pandemic. I am concerned and working with my tenants who may need to delay (not suspend) rent payments without APPROVING THIS DRACONIAN proposal)!

99.9% of the owners provide decent affordable housing! This proposal pits tenants against the PROVIDER and financially damages our ability to provide safe,code violation free units and PAY ALL VENDORS ( mtg, utilities, trash, pest control ETC).

Have you considered the UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES IF AND WHEN Wall Street investors descend on our city during these difficult times to buy our building at depressed prices when we are forced to sell? This BIASED pro-tenant SJ Housings' knee jerk ordinance proposal WILL depress RE Values and REDUCE city and county real estate tax revenue!. IS THIS YOUR INTENT? LET’S WORK TOGETHER VOTE AGAINST THIS PROPOSAL Sheila Kay Affordable Housing Provider